8 Best online free movie streaming websites

There were times when people have to wait for movies to be released. After release, they again have to wait to book a ticket and go to the cinema hall to watch the movies. After the coming of cable TV, people have to wait for the movies to come on any TV channel. Now there is no such problem as there are many websites which people can visit and watch movies for free. The websites also allow users to download movies and watch them while being offline.

Best online free movie streaming websites

Here are some of the websites which people can visit and watch movies for free.


This is a website where users can watch movies with HD quality. There no need any registration to watch the movies on the site. The picture quality is 1080p. The movies are divided into categories according to genre and year. The website also provides an option to search the movies and watch them. There are three servers in which the movies are available so there is no chance of unavailability of the movies.


This website is one of the popular websites where users can watch movies for free. Besides movies, TV shows are also available. Users just have to visit the homepage of the website and can find movies and TV shows which they can watch. The videos are available in HD quality so there will be no issue of the quality of the picture. If users want to watch the movies offline, they can do so by downloading them from the website. One thing to note is that there are country restrictions. People of the US, Canada, and Europe can watch them easily.

Haloa Movies

This website consists of thumbnails having metro style design movie posters and when the users hover the mouse over it, a tooltip will be displayed which shows a small storyline of the movie. Users will not find any ads in-between the movies. Users can search the movies by name or the can go to the categories or genres and find the movie of their choice. Users can stream the movie online by just clicking the thumbnail.

My Download Tube

This is a website where users can find games and movies. Users can find the latest update bar below the logo. Users can choose the movies according to the genre and can also navigate the site with the help of left and right arrow keys. The website includes a login button but there is no need to register. Users can download the movies without creating an account.


This website is a great source of movies and users can watch and stream movies online without paying any fee. Registration is also not necessary while watching the movies. There is a search option on the website and users just have to search for their favorite movie and watch it. Users can also download the movies from the website but this feature is available only for selected movies.

Watch New Movies

 This is a website where users can find links to new movies. The website is updated regularly and people can find the latest movies on the site. There is a search bar where users can search for their favorite movie and watch it. Below the search bar, many movies are available and users can click them for streaming and watching. The movies also have ads but they are few in quantity and short in duration.

FM Movies

This is another popular website where users can watch movies without downloading. There is a top bar below which users can find the logo of the website. Along with the navigation bar, login button, and search box. There is also a slider, which shows new releases. When users will scroll down, they will find many popular movies Users can also find a list of genres at the bottom.

Mogo Movies

This website comes with a simple user interface and users can find a search bar and a menu. Below the search bar, a list of movies is available and users can click on any of them to watch. Users can use the search bar to search their favorite, movies and watch them.

Final words

These are some of the free websites, which users can visit to watch their favorite movies free of cost. There is no need to pay any fee nor there a need for registration. Some websites also provide the option of downloading the movies.

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