A Few Common Reasons Why Balconies Leak

Balconies and terraces are where a lot of waterproofing problems are discovered, according to insurance data. Although water management is sometimes overlooked in the design requirements for these buildings, not all leaky balconies are due to a problem with the waterproofing membrane. Any homeowner or builder should be concerned about leaky balconies because they may have disastrous effects without adequate inspection or planning.

Why and how balcony leaks happen

Most balconies eventually start to leak. The performance of waterproofing membranes has been impacted by the significant changes in construction and waterproofing techniques throughout time. Particularly in multi-level buildings, many balconies are being built with little falls to the ground.

Ponding, or the accumulation of moisture between the membrane and the tiles on a balcony with little fall, is possible. If the waterproofing membrane is not strong enough to tolerate standing water, it will eventually deteriorate and start leaking water. Joint failure brought on by waterlogging might result in leaks.

Common reasons balcony leaks occur

Some of the main and most frequent reasons for balcony leaks include the following:

  • Inadequate planning before building.
  • There is no building upkeep.
  • Membrane deterioration and pooling are caused by rainwater.
  • inadequate drainage.

Natural building movement causes gaps through which water might flow.

When balconies are built, the necessary precautions must be taken during the preliminary stage. To guarantee a long-term fix for a leaky balcony, it is necessary to get acquainted with the right component installation and membrane use as specified in current manufacturing and construction regulations. Damage and significant health concerns may arise when builders and contractors cut corners or are untrained in the correct coordination of waterproofing systems. These dangers include:

  • Possible collapse or breakdown due to damage to the balconies and building’s structural elements.
  • Reinstalling membranes and related finishes comes at a high expense for correction.
  • Disagreements between neighbours or property owners and landlords that might lead to lawsuits.
  • The growth of mould, which has negative health effects.
  • These risks may result in a number of difficulties, such as monetary loss, a decrease in the value of one’s property, and dangers to one’s health and safety.

What should you watch out for to stop balcony leaks?

Due to their frequent exposure to the outdoors, balconies are prone to water seepage. Each balcony’s construction is distinct, and the danger of water entry is increased if waterproofing techniques don’t take into account the balcony design. 

In order to prevent leaks, balconies need to be properly waterproofed, isolated from the building’s interior parts, and have the necessary waterproofing membrane installed. The failure of the waterproofing is often the result of an unskilled contractor, an inappropriate membrane choice, or a desire to save expenses on the part of the homeowner or contractor.

Perform a complete inspection and evaluation to find any anomalies or maintenance problems as soon as you notice a wet balcony. If you pour water over the tiles and observe any leakage, the membrane is likely broken or has been ruptured, enabling water to flow through. Additional things to watch out for are:

  • Missing or cracked grout.
  • Water stains on the inside ceiling or the underside of the balcony.
  • issues with the balcony doors opening and shutting.
  • Split or peeling paint.
  • Weak structural joints in the posts and railing of the balcony.

The best course of action if you think your balcony is leaking is to get a professional to come and assess the area to identify the problem’s root cause. They can establish if any of the aforementioned conditions exist or whether the membrane has failed.

Hire a reputable waterproofing company to fix a balcony leak

Hiring a reputable remedial waterproofing consultant in Sydney is a good starting point to fix a leaky balcony. There are several steps that must be taken, and only a professional has the training to complete them. To endure the structural movement of the balcony and to protect it from the weather, they will choose the most effective waterproofing membrane option. 

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