A sex attacked woman instills lesson to others

A menacing person with the intentions of sex attack a woman but unluckily that woman was a kick boxer who gave him back which he never thinks to have from her. In the very morning or we can say that in the first part of the morning before the sun rises, a woman walked through Cheltenham then suddenly a man named Mark Willis with the age of 39 attacked on her physically.

Willis sexually assault

Willis is a criminal and had been jailed on the crime for sex attack in 2011. He started to take off her dress after cuffed her into the garden but he scotched back.

Basically the woman to whom he was thinking to exploit is a determined boxer. The woman is a master of self-defense she recently completed her course of self-defense. She had been taught to break the arm of other which she try to applied of Willis’ arm and just broke it. With her entire force she just through him on the ground and his face touched to the ground. He did this and also accepts his crime because sometimes before that woman took a photo of him from her mobile when he was doing urination in the driveway.

He felt his insult when she did this and thought to take revenge with this sex attack and felt her ashamed in front of others. But he doesn’t know that who is the woman and have a very bad result of this.
She was making a solemn statement that she never leaves him like this unless she just breaks each part of his body. He was struggling and moving his arms in the air but it was useless for him because she is really determined to teach him the lesson of his deed.

She holder his head into her legs so his head was just locked down and he was unable to move it. Then God knows how he did this but he hit with all his force on the side of her face with her right hand. She tried to bear this hit with difficulty and even she bears this hit.

She was feeling that with his entire struggle after some time his body is unable to move further and he feels difficulty in doing this.
The woman awarded with 500 dollars on her bravery.

She is really a very bold and brave woman who has energy and capability of doing this. Everyone should appreciate her and with her strength other women must have a lesson.

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