Accident claim company London-FAQs

When you get injured because of someone else fault, you become eligible to claim money from that person. it is called a personal injury claim. For that, you need the assistance of a lawyer. You can find a lawyer from contacting the right Accident claim company London.

accident claim company London

As many don’t have knowledge about this, there are many questions that come in their mind, like:

What steps you must take after an accident?

There are many steps that you can take once you get injured in a road accident. Later these steps will help you in claiming compensation.

Can I make a claim if there is a bit of my fault too in an accident?

Accident claim company London

Everyone who gets injured in an accident without any fault can claim the money. But if you think that in an accident you were somewhere involve too, still take help from someone who has to know-how about the scenario. At the time of claim, your mar receives less money. But mostly everything depends on the intensity of the injury.

Is it ok to claim compensation, if the accident is caused by a driver who is uninsured?

Accident claim company London

If you receive an injury in a road accident and a person who injured you is an uninsured rider or driver, you still claim for compensation. When you claim, your request id forward to MIB (motor insurance bureau). It is the organization that provides compensation to those who receive injury because of uninsured drivers. The company that is providing you help in claiming present in the bureau on your behalf.

What if the insurance company tries to appoint a lawyer for me, on their own? Is it compulsory I choose the lawyer that is appointed for me?

If your insurance company is trying to appoint a lawyer for you, you are not bound to choose that lawyer. You can tell them clearly that you want to hire a lawyer on your own. There is no need for you to get confused or get under any pressure. It is because you don’t have an idea that the lawyer insurance company is appointing for you is experienced or not. But when you hire a lawyer on your own, you get satisfaction.

Types of compensation a person can claim

  • All medical expenses: when you get injured you definitely had to pay a lot of medical expenses. For medicines, x-rays, surgeries and other expenses related to that. At the time of claim, if you still dealing with injuries and have medical expenses, they also included. So, it is better if you keep a record of all your past payments. As they will really make your claim strong.
  • Income loss: In a huge accident, you may not able to go to your job for months. It is when other parties have to pay for that loss. The other scenario is when you not able to continue your job anymore. Loss of this will also be paid by the party who is wrong.
  • Suffering: There are some who couldn’t able to come out from the trauma for a very long time. So, even if your injuries are not visible but you get mentally disturbed, you can claim compensation too.
  • Punitive damage: It is better to understand this type from an example. Like you involve in an accident where a drunk driver injured you. It is when that driver pays punitive charges, so they didn’t continue this behavior.

So, hire accident management company London at the time you claim for compensation. They will provide you with professional lawyers and other assistance too until you get what you deserve.

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