Amber Rose wishing For a New Comer in Rob-Chyna affair

A baby will add spice to the unfolding Kardashian drama – hopes Amber Rose.

Amber Rose wishing for a new comer in Rob-Chyna affair

It is obvious that Rob Kardashian’s family is not happy with his fling with Blac Chyna, but it is fully supported by Amber Rose. In fact, it is Rose’s ultimate desire that the Chyna become pregnant with Rob’s baby as soon as she can. Here is why Amber is so excited about a new addition to the Kardashian clan!

The Rob – Chyna fling is only beginning to heat up, but there are already rumors of a baby in the making. This is getting Amber Rose excited! Rose is Blac’s bestie and a well-wisher of her relationship with Rob. Of course it is obvious that Rose will want the best for her bestie, and strive to see her happy at all time.

However, there is another reason for her happiness at Chyna’s newfound relationship: the drama it will stir in the Kardashian clan. Things will become crazier if the dup manages to put a bun in the oven. This means that a baby between them is actually what Amber wants.

A source revealed recently that Amber thinks it will be great if Rob manages to get Blac Chyna pregnant. She also hopes that the Kardashians will be engulfed in the ensuing drama that will follow such an occurrence. In fact, she has been advising Chyna to get it done as soon as she can.

Blac Chyna is obviously a very sexual person. This is evident by the way she can be seen flaunting her body on the social media. And there are reports that she has turned the heat up for Rob Kardashian with the help of stripteases and bedroom freakiness.

Keeping in mind how bad Amber wants their baby, it may be implied that she is the person who is behind the heating up of the affair. There is one thing that Amber does not – and cannot – control. The response of the Kardashian clan to Rob new relationship with Chyna.

Only a little time after their relationship became known to the public through an Instagram post on January 25th, Khloe posted a warning on her social media account warning Rob not to go against the family. It wasn’t a direct warning to Rob but it was more than obvious who was it was intended for.

Moreover, Kylie Jenner – herself in a relationship with Chyna’s ex, Tyga – thinks that there may be a hidden agenda behind Rob’s latest fling. In fact, their mom Kris Jenner has no idea what’s going on.

In her opinion Blac Chyna is a troublemaker. One thing is certain – no one from the Kardashian clan wants a baby in the drama – something that Amber Rose is dying to see. If, by any chance, Amber Rose’s wishes come to pass, there is nothing that the Kardashians need to worry about.

Rob has a lot of kid experience after spending time with Kourtney and Kim’s children. It is obvious that he is also taking good care of King Cairo – Blac Chyna’s son. An insider had revealed that Rob will be very happy to have a kid with Blac and the way the affair is heating up, there is every chance that he will have his wish soon enough.

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