American Government shows concerns on Taliban Exchange

An old news come into light again as the five Taliban leaders exchanged a year ago for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl might be allowed to go free and travel quite possibly as Monday as the deal of their arranged release are fixed to end, rising distress on Capitol Hill about the option they could reappearance to the battlefield.

American Government shows concerns on Taliban Exchange

According to the officials five former Guantanamo prisoners have been under nearby observing in Qatar and keep to a travel ban because of their discharge last year. As the arrangement with Qatar is going to terminate on June 1, so what happened now is raising many questions.

Some of the reliable sources raise some eye brows like Washington Post stated previous this month that the management was in dialogues with Qatari representatives about possibly extending safety actions for the group, it’s uncertain if any limitations will endure in place after the end of the month. The question is if the talks made any arrangement, but according to a State Department official they don’t have any updates for now.

The administration in asking about the issue, they have to be worried with what happens to the five Taliban as they did every struggle to depict the trade as a decent deal. The real problem for the management is if any of these people show up again within the worldwide battle space it would be a disaster fo he country and also the international appearance.

Most of the Congress members have frequently spoken fear about which way to choose to alter the situation after the travel ban ends.

They have requested the Obama administration to try to encourage Qatar to prolong the observing.

It seems to like that there is no public warning Tuesday, with just a few days left on the Qatari contract. After an extensive investigation, Bergadhl is being carried up on desertion charges that are pretty serious ones. Former commander of U.S. forces Gen. Stanley McChrystal told media that his original indulgent of Bergdahl’s vanishing was that he had strolled off the base deliberately.

According to the Fox News that Bergdahl’s has squad mates, the important thing is then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm.

Mike Mullen also knew those facts. With McChrystal’s commentaries, this would designate two of the most-senior armed leaders understood the supposed conditions of Bergdahl’s leaving, rising more inquiries about the Taliban-Bergdahl exchange itself and the approach the perform to do the deal was originally represented to the public.

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