Apple negotiating with Samsung for next-gen iPhones

News goes viral in few minutes after publishing in social media as no one believes that Apple is in negotiations with Samsung. But the real story says that both the companies decided to come to an agreement and Samsung is gong supply the flash memory for the next-gen iPhone models.

Apple negotiating with Samsung for next-gen iPhones

Presently the flash storage is delivered mainly by Toshiba, SK Hynix and SanDisk. Apple is viewing to upsurge the storage capacity of its iPhone models.

The main concern here is Samsung and Apple is negotiating over pricing and consignments for the flash storage with Samsung analysis its assistances for stability and constancy during the process. Samsung lost Apple’s flash storage business in the past has shown only one reason because of price and the report claims.

Experts agree with 32 and 128 GB but it feel that there is something missing; the gap is just too wide. That appears to be the most logical. There definitely needs to be a 64. 32 GB is great for most but not enough for some. 128 is overkill for 95% of users.

Apple presently propose the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB variants. Today’s report proposes that Apple somewhat than working to go beyond the 128GB amount and will upsurge the storage of the mid-tier models.

Earlier this year it was reported that Samsung has agreed to provide A9 chips for the next-generation iPhone models. Apple has reduced its reliance on Samsung over the past few years amid their legal differences, with TSMC producing the majority of its A-series chips.

While some of the critics claiming that 32 are too small for future proofing at this point and Apple is future proofing. Considering the fact that iOS 9 can be installed and is designed to work well on an iPhone 4S from 2011, a proposed plan is launched. Regulating the scenario as four years onwards it will be a decent thing that the majority of iPhones have 64GB.

It is not certainly believe that 256GB is necessary for a long time to come though. The most reasonable move would be to cut the 16GB optional and make a 32GB model the entry-level option.

Concerning the option of Apple dumping the 16GB iPhone model, Apple’s SVP of marketing Phil Schiller clarified earlier this month that Apple trusts the cloud makes up for the absence of storage on the lower-end iPhone models.

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