Are Super Apps The Future of Mobile App Development?

In this modern world, advancing towards technological advancements, where every tick of the time is essential and serves a purpose, the development of precise apps is fast becoming imperative and crucial. 

Applications that can perform multiple functions without using too much space on the phone are required to improve living quality and standard, effectively and efficiently. 

The concept of Super Apps was introduced to fulfill the needs for accurate, manageable, efficient, and time-saving applications that could allow people to manage different functions at hand.

What is a Super-App?

Super-App can be considered of as a single app housing a plethora of applications inside it, with each one serving different functionalities. 

This trend started about 5 years back in Southeast Asia and, since then, there has been a surge in the number of Super Apps out there. mobile application development companies broadened this incredible idea, where contrasting chores could be done without having to go through the troubles of downloading multiple applications.

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If you want to shop online, book a ticket, have a chat with friends, hail a taxi, order food, or even transfer money, all these errands could be done using a single enormous app.

How Super-Apps dominate over others?

Of course, there are some features of super-apps that help them outshine in the app-market. They are:

1. Simple and Convenient:

Well, the idea is simple yet effective. User convenience is a huge factor that was realized by mobile app development companies and became a reason for the development of such applications. These companies continue to add convenience services to their applications that allow them to develop horizontally. Moreover, people get facilitated by digital enhancements and solutions.

2. Associated Population:

These applications often seem to have a huge population involved in their use, which was not previously experienced in the traditional app market in the west.

3. Beneficial for the company and user:

In emerging markets, super apps gain users by flexing their services and stretching their resources so that the application can prove to be lucrative for a mobile app development company as well as beneficial for the users.

Statistical Analysis:

Super-apps were able to demonstrate most of their performance and productivity in Southeast Asia more than anywhere else around the globe. The population rate in China and India allowed those applications to give off the most profit. Research shows that about 350 Million people use the internet in Southeast Asia, while 90% of them use mobile phones to go online. This statistical analysis gives us a solid reason to ponder over the dominance of super-apps in these regions and, we can predict that shortly, Advertisers and Conventional Services providers would collaborate with these companies to leverage their dominance in this area.

This paradigm of rising profitability and user engagement rates that were seen in Southeast Asia as well as in some parts of Africa has shed light on some facts. The traditional emerging markets are getting aware of user demands and policies and how geographical locations play a role in the success of these marketing techniques. 

Why Super-Apps are more Common in China?

The monetary infrastructure that China provides to such application companies is quite different than what the US has provided. The US has successful digital payment methods while China has no such facility. The companies running these Super-Apps succeeded and captured the market by developing an efficient payment infrastructure that could work in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia.

Some commonly used super-apps:

The following are some common applications that are used and preferred by people:

1. WeChat:

This app was developed by Tencent Holding ltd, a well-recognized company in China. WeChat has 1 Billion active users every month and this number is only increasing every day. It provides users with basic messaging functions and other lifestyle facilities that allow them to order food, buy a ticket, and even pay utility bills. Its features include voice recording, video clipping, voice, and video calls, and other facilities which also allow mini brand applications to run and facilitate the users.

2. Go-Jek:

Go-Jek is acquiring recognition and approval throughout Indonesia with its striking and distinct features. Go-Jek was originally an application to hail motorcycle rides but then, it started to include other attributes such as food delivery. The current value of Go-Jek is about $5 billion and this flourishing company is even funded and collaborated by Tencent Holding. According to a survey conducted in Indonesia in 2019, 70.4% of respondents use Go-Jek for their transportation while it has been successful in earning revenue of $1.3 billion annually.

3. Alipay:

Alipay wallet has familiarized users with effortless online shopping and finance managing techniques. Alipay provides payment solutions associated with Alibaba. It provides access to mobile users for buying products that are available in online stores without having to worry about payment techniques. Whether it be restaurant purchases or shopping from renowned outlets, it provides an easy route to acquire all your requisite desires. According to statistics, there are about 900 million users of Alipay in China and it earns the annual revenue of Alibaba in March 2020 was about $47 billion.

4. Grab: 

Singapore’s startup has introduced people with multiple on-demand tasks like ordering food, transportation facility, and booking hotels. It provides users with enough functionality, daily, that prevents them from closing the application. In 2018, Grab Taxi collected a revenue of $1.1 billion and was valued to be approximately $10 billion. Grab has seen a notable rise in the number of bookings and significant growth is expected to be seen in the company’s revenues soon.

How Super Apps can be the future of Mobile App Development?

A mobile app development company constantly searches for and targets aspects that not only help them generate lucrative revenues but also allow their consumers and users to get full benefits of the services they provide. 

Super Apps are the most accessible way to achieve both objectives. The concept of “All in one app” enables corporations to change their marketing procedures and propose a new approach for tremendous revenue generation. With all the analytics and statistics, we can predict that Super Apps would relish command over other mobile apps due to their feasibility and convenience.

In a nut-Shell

To conclude this, we can say that these apps are helping a lot of people to complete their daily tasks. If this goes on, we would see Super applications dominating all other markets that are available out there in no time.

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