Awesome Gadgets to Have on your Desk

Office gadgets which help you relieve stress or improve productivity would be great! As technology is getting better day-by-day and the gadgets which are produced always brings something new and interesting! Isn’t it?

However, in order to increase productivity, business owners should invest in the latest technology and equipment! There are some gadgets that blend perfectly with your Contemporary Office furniture so well that it could be used daily!

Check out these awesome gadgets which you can buy but there are some gadgets which are still in the concept stage, so you need to wait to appear it in stores!

Clip-on Cup Holder

If you have a habit of drinking something while working then clip-on cup holder is the perfect gadget for you as it holds coffee mugs and soda cans even if you don’t have a place on your table. Just clip it on the edge of the table and it is ready for use!

Solar Window USB Charger

As the name suggests, it sticks to your window and charges your device using the solar panel. The charger comes with a big USB and small USB output. While the minimal design of the charger spices up your interior and the outside of the charger transforms solar energy into electrical energy!


PlugBug is a device with which you can charge your Macbook and iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch at the same time without using any dongles! It is a 10W USB wall charger creating an all-in-one charger for your Apple devices using one wall outlet. With PlugBug, you can simplify your life by carrying one charger less!

Excalibur USB Beverage Warmer or Cooler

Excalibur 601 is another awesome gadget for your desk as it a USB beverage cooler or warmer! With the help of USB plug, the device gets directly attached to your computer. It features a compact and durable design and comes with a built-in cooling fan and easy on/off control. This gadget would be great for all the coffee lovers!

Wireless Rechargeable Document Scanner

Doxie Q is the creator of this wonderful product which cleverly scans paper smartly unlike anything you’ve seen before! Scan your documents anywhere with just a rechargeable battery, automatic document feeder, included memory, integrated Wi-Fi, and Mac, Pc or iOS apps.

Moreover, to use the scanner, simply flip open it, insert paper, and hit scan. The scanner scans up to 8 full-color pages at once at up to 600dpi or scans all your photos, receipts, cards, and fragile items.

With the Doxie’s Mac and PC apps, you can sync scans via USB or Wi-Fi to your desktop to create multi-page PDFs with their award-winning ABBYY OCR technology. It is the all-in-one scanner that you need on your desk!


You can have all the gadgets for your desk which are aforementioned in the article. However, there are some other gadgets which you might also own such as wireless compact laser printer, Perpetual calendar. While you can even buy TDK Sound Cube, Iconia Dual Screen Tablet, and Tornado Demonstration Model for entertainment purpose or relieve stress!

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