Balenciaga knockoffs fake sneakers stuff

fake sneakers stuff


StockX can fuuuck right off. They had a data breach and didn’t say anything for months. They sell fakes. Their ‘authentication process’ let 88 pairs of fake Travis 1’s in from the same guy I literally bought a pair of Beluga’s from them ages ago, kept them DS, and then when the price went up I tried selling it back to them (in the exact condition I got them in) and they returned them for ‘too many manufacturer flaws’. The whole lot of them can fuck off. Josh Luber lies in interviews and shit about their returns process. Heck, they even mugged off one of the Sole Collector employee’s fake sneakers stuff. It sucks for us here in Europe because the only ways to buy/sell sneakers are through StockX, GOAT or consigning them (or privately but that has more risk to it), and selling/buying via GOAT and sites like KLEKT just not worth it as it is too costly. Fat L sadly”instead of having an either-or mentality why not….?”
-Because in this instance something is either fake or not.

“besides its not PowerPoint skills it’s literally just printing out an already made logo… ”
-You obviously don’t value and/or understand creative cachet.

“I also kind of already said I was going to do what you condescendingly recommended… ”
-Nice try. I actually suggested you perhaps “use your PowerPoint skills and $10(+-) to make something that reflects your own idea/style? “, NOT that you become a counterfeiter.

“There’s nothing wrong with wearing something you like… ”
– Correct, some people (+me you ) tend to appreciate authenticity though.

“That was my entire point if someone wants to wear fake stuff let them… ”
-If someone wears knock-offs it probably means they’d rather be wearing the real thing.

“You’re too worried about others, worry about yourself.”
– I’d rather not worry at all, but thanks for your concern. Keep it real fake if that’s your thing and Good luck!

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