Basketball Shoes 101: Know How To Choose The Perfect Pair For You In India


Basketball shoes are some of the only few types of equipment you need to play the amazing game of basketball. Basketball shoes are innovated to help you perform at your best while providing comfort. The features of basketball shoes are what make them unique and famous.

While buying basketball shoes, ensure they fit your game style and the feet for the best performance gains. Basketball shoes make or break your game, so it is paramount that you invest good quality time and money in choosing the best basketball shoes. So how to lock in your basketball shoes to support you through that intense basketball game? Here are a few pointers while choosing the best basketball shoes so you can go all-out guns blazing and dunk that ball in beast confidence. 

Anatomy Of A Basketball Shoe 

Before diving into the details of choosing basketball shoes, let’s look at the anatomy of a basketball shoe to truly understand how they work and what parts of a basketball shoe you must take care of. 

  • The upper 

The upper of a basketball shoe is the height of the shoe that you want. Basketball shoes are available in mainly three types: High, mid, or low heights. Each height type appeals to different basketball players, and the type of your shoe can only be fixed by trial and error. Here we look into each ankle type in detail. 

  • High ankle basketball shoes 

The high ankle collar covers and provides protection to the ankle completely. The added support and cushioning make it a favorite among basketball players. This shoe is perfect for point guards. The added weight ensures that you can play for longer and harder without getting hurt. 

  • Mid-ankle basketball shoes 

The mid-ankle basketball shoe is the best of two worlds and covers the ankle and ensures a well-balanced performance on the court. They are more responsive because of their lighter weight as compared to high ankle basketball shoes. These shoes support the player with intense rebounds and full sprints between hoops. 

  • Low ankle shoes 

Best for the game maker in the team, these basketball shoes are worn for speed and agility when it matters the most. The lightweight construction of the low-ankle basketball shoes ensures that there is improved ankle mobility and reflexes. You can be sure to be tearing down your opponent’s defense with these basketball shoes. 

  • Closure system

Laces are the most popular closure technique used in basketball shoes. Some basketball shoes also come in straps, zippers or hook and look closures. The main aim of a closure system is to provide the best snug fit while you sprint across the basketball court at nitro speed. They provide support to the ankle and the forefoot, which helps in propulsion and the perfect agility while playing basketball. 

  • Grip 

The grip is determined by the bottom traction pattern on the basketball shoes that decides how agile or quick you are on the court. The traction on the basketball ensures your feet are stable while you shoot your shot on the basketball ring for a swish! 

An important aspect to consider while buying basketball shoes is whether you play basketball indoors or outdoors. Indoor shoe traction is made from rubber that is softer as compared to outdoor basketball shoes. Outdoor basketball shoe tractions are meant to sustain wear and tear and will last longer too. 

Choosing the perfect pair of buy basketball shoes for the correct basketball court is vital to avoid slipping or, worse, a basketball shoe that becomes worn down after a few wears. 

The pattern of the rubber outsole influences the traction. For the best grip while playing basketball, the grip must be multidirectional. A multidirectional grip allows multi-dimensional movement without any worry. They ensure that the player can move with agility and strength. 

  • The midsole 

The midsole in a basketball shoe ensures that cushioning is provided to the feet. The cushioning in a basketball shoe helps improve performance while doing the high jumps and rebounds. The midsole offers a buffer such that the shock does not reach the joints. Most midsoles are made of EVA technology for the best lightweight performance in ultimate comfort. Another commonly used midsole material is polyurethane which is used for its density and durability.  

  • The outsole 

The outsole in a basketball shoe is mainly made from rubber, and that is the closest point of contact with the basketball court. Look out for basketball shoes that have a flat and wide outsole for the best balance on the court. If your game is mainly on outdoor basketball shoes, look for basketball shoes that have a thicket outsole which translates into durability.  

What To Look Out While You Buy Basketball Shoes

The quality of a basketball shoe can be measured mainly using three factors: 

  • Traction 

Good traction ensures that your feet stay grounded while you place those high-speed layups or assist for dunks. Ensure that you choose a basketball shoe that has a suitable outsole with a good traction pattern that suits the court and the position you play. 

  • Support 

Choose basketball shoes made from high-quality materials and features that can hold your weight while you move through the court at supersonic speeds. The support in basketball shoes ensures that you stay strong and grounded while you guard your ring. An excellent sturdy basketball shoe provides the best support to rip through your opponent’s court while being strong to protect your ring too. 

  • Comfort 

Your basketball shoes must be engineered to provide the best comfort while you play the game. The basketball shoe has features incorporated that provide ample cushioning and stability to the feet. A good comfortable basketball shoe ensures that you play through the game without foot pain or other basketball-associated injuries. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the difference between a standard sports shoe and a basketball shoe? 

Sports shoes are designed to be comfortable and light as you move. Basketball shoes are designed to endure the burst of speeds and direction for a particular duration of time. 

  • What makes basketball shoes unique? 

The features provided in basketball shoes ensure ample protection for the player. The features incorporated help to dissipate shock while playing high-intensity games. 

  • Why are basketball shoes built heavier? 

Basketball shoes are heavier than sports shoes because of the added cushioning that is required during the game of basketball. This extra cushioning provides support and relief to the delicate bones and muscles in each foot. 


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