Bernie Sanders Reveals Comprehensive Policy Platform to Fight against Racial Discrimination

Another Presidential candidate has encountered a new incident, but it is becoming common these days as every now and then a new event occurred with different senators. Now this time the Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is being disturbed by Black Lives Matters demonstrators at a major campaign occasion for Seattle, Washington. In response to that the senator released a comprehensive platform on opposing racial difference.

Bernie Sanders Reveals Comprehensive Policy Platform to fight against Racial Discrimination

Senator Sanders is well renowned personality in the American government and his campaign proves to be very dominating in this race. According to the senator, all the campaign details of the platform are displayed on his official website on last Sunday.

He Spoke on the matter of racial impartiality that evening where the crowd was bigger than 20,000 supporters in Portland. He definitely attracts a major crowd alongside his campaign track. It is a huge achievement of getting 12,000 people to attend Saturday’s event in Seattle.

According to the press, Sanders suggests a series of police improvements, counting the demilitarization of police services on a particular task, a centralized program providing police body cameras that will raise police transparency and accountability.

Considering his point of view minimum sentences for less threatening crimes must come to an end. Sanders focus on the development of the Voting Rights Act and reinstating the Act’s delivery to fight which in his point of view is political violence. This was clearly pointed out by the Supreme Court last year.

The experts belief that it would be more appropriate if Sander prioritizes criminal justice restructuring as a campaign subject and focus his attention on talking about the worries of the Black Lives Matter movement because recently he has come under fire for not doing this.

This is not the first time the protestor makes their way to the Senator campaign, if you remember last month these protestors disturbed both Sanders and colleague Democratic presidential contender Martin O’Malley at the Net roots Nation progressive session.

At this time it seems a right moment for Sanders to initiate an offering more outreach to the black community and make sure to make a solid stand against fighting economic inequality with difficulties of racial difference.

If we make a statement that hopes from the Vermont senator running as a broadminded substitute to lead runner Hillary Clinton is very high as he endures to attract biggest crowd of any presidential candidate this year.

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  • Why declare war on the Democratic Party, as Outside Agitators 206 is doing?? The REPUBLICAN Party is the MUCH BIGGER threat, you idiots! (hoping that some of them actually read this post) Why take out your ONE ALLY, when you should be trying to take out YOUR ENEMY! Good grief, talk about shooting yourself in your own foot….geeze…

  • I am so glad that Bernie Sanders added a racial justice platform. Yes, we need to outlaw for-profit prisons NOW. I am looking forward to President Sanders first term.

  • I see all of these people calling them brave. I didn’t realize attacking the easiest target was brave? And when I say easiest, I don’t mean weak. They knew damn well Sanders and associates wouldn’t make a huge stink. I dare these brave souls to pull this sh*t at a Republican rally.

  • Hang on people. It will get VERY bad as Bernie gains more support. He will face teabaggers, the whole righty lie machine, the corporate media, the banksters, and worst of all, many in the Democratic Party establishment who are content to have Dem front runners be Republican Lite. We MUST rid ourselves of the corporatist governance we have been getting from BOTH parties. ONLY Bernie represents a change from trickle-down economics and corporate rule. So, hang on, and hang in, no matter what they throw. Support progressives, reject the corporatists from both parties, and that means reject ALL the Repubs, and the Democrats that promote the same top-down economics as the Republicans do.Support Bernie!!