7 best all-terrain 4×4 vehicles that you can buy in 2020

What makes and off-road vehicle ‘the best among the rest?’ no one can answer that. It is not easy to create a definitive list of the best 4X4 vehicles as each vehicle has its specifications that are suited to different terrains.

It is yearned by people to get their hands on a 4×4 vehicle that doesn’t hold back in any terrain. However, buying the best one after carefully analyzing all of its features is a tough ask.

It is because every brand now offers an SUV or a truck labeled as ‘all-terrain.’ So, the customers find it hard to get their choice right.

Therefore, in this blog, we have presented the best options to you, sifting from the plethora of vehicles that are available in the market. The vehicles listed in this blog are designed for on and off-road tracks, including boulder-filled terrains, jungles, rivers, and streams.

These vehicles are suited for all your adventure trips, and you can easily get them from your local dealerships.

best 4x4 vehicles

Let’s learn more about these vehicles, their features, specifications, and power.

Best 4X4 Vehicle that You Can Get in 2020

Hennessey Chevy Silverado 2020

Hennessey Chevy Silverado 2020

Chevy Silverado is a revamped version of Silverado 2014. The car is known for its muscular brawns and beast-like performance. It is often compared with Hennessey Goliath 6X6 – one of the wildest 6X6 cars available in the market.

Chevy has a speed of 240-mph. It also packs over 460hp, which can bring down a small hut. The truck is priced between $30K and $35K. You can also get a customized version of Chevy, depending on your requirements.

With that said, it is not for everyone. It isn’t a log picking truck that you can park in your countryside farmhouse. It requires care and regular maintenance. 

However, if you buy the truck this year, the company is offering a 3-year or 36,000 miles warranty – whatever comes first.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison

Colorado Bison is a perfect set of wheels for adventurers who like to ride in rivers and streams. The truck is manufactured in collaboration with American Expedition Vehicles.

In comparison with the standard Colorado trucks, the Bison rolls on 31-inch Wrangler Duratrac tires. Moreover, it is 3.5-inch wider and has 2-inches more in length. The Bison also comes with steel bumpers and underbody skid plates. 

It is equipped with ZR2’s advanced Multimatic DSSV shock technology that can keep the car balanced even while climbing the bumpiest boulders. It is available in two variants the 2.8L and the 3.6L – both diesel engines.

As for the horsepower, the truck has a 306hp – making it a mid-sized truck that you can use for your daily errands and adventure drives. On average, it can carry a payload of 1.3ton. However, it has the strength to tow loads up to 5.0 ton easily.

The starting price for the Colorado Bison is $50K.

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender is a rough and tough and unbeatable car that has been revamped multiple times.

The Defender 2020 version is fully equipped with the latest gear, making it one of the most sought 4X4 trucks in the market. It is available in three variants 2.8L, 3.6L, and 5.0L – all diesel.

Apart from that, it offers both 2×2 and 4×4 drive depending on the choice of user. It was unveiled in the auto show in December 2019 and has been sold around the world.

Its geometry strengthens its all-terrain capability. Moreover, its roof can easily bear over 300 weight capacity. It also comes with 360-degree camera control for cruising through the jungle or deep waters.

You can even customize your personalized Defender by visiting the Land Rover website, or you can get your hands on one of these at any authorized Land Rover dealerships.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Mercedes-Benz G-Class is an all-time favorite of celebrities around the world. Its look, off-road strength, and on-road cruising capability make it one of the best 4X4 vehicles in the market.

We all talk about Wrangler and Land Cruisers, but Benz G Class is way ahead of both in terms of functionality and features.

The latest redesign of Mercedes Benz G Class was in 2018. The major overhaul has made the car fully autonomous, the front suspension is now independent, and offers improved ground clearance, car locking differentials, and a much smoother ride.

The horsepower of the car stands near to 477hp. The price of 2019 Benz G Class is around $150K.

Jeep Gladiator

Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep Gladiator 2020 is a remodeled version of the Gladiator series. The 2019-2020 version is almost like Wrangler but at a higher price. The starting price of this model is $33K.

This price is for the base sports version. However, with additional features, the price will rise. It boasts a 3.6-liter Penta Star V6 engine. It can easily carry a payload of 1.1 tons and can tow a payload of 6.0 tons.

The car is available in a 2X2 and 4X4 version. Other amenities include a two-speed transfer case and skid plates for the fuel tank. 

In comparison with Jeep Wrangler, the Gladiator is a lot more powerful thanks to its wheelbase, structure, and design. However, both vehicles have the same engine and horsepower.

Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor had a new upgrade in 2019, and it now supports jump mode.

It means when the truck goes airborne; the wheels sense that they are above the ground, and the jump mode activates automatically. The compressors dampen, and the truck can land on the ground easily. 

This new feature was added for truck racing in the deserts. It is one of the most popular trucks for desert racing and safari. The truck is available in two variants 5.4L and 6.2L.

It costs close to $58K. The latest variant of Ford Raptor is equipped with trail control that helps get the truck run at any terrain without focus.

GMC Sierra AT4

GMC Sierra AT4

GMC Sierra AT4 is another stunning 4X4 drive. It comes with a 6.2L V8 with a Dynamic Fuel Management engine with ten-speed automatic transmission.

It also offers skid plates and locking rear differential features. GMC Sierra comes with 440hp and has a towing capacity of 12ton. It can also carry 2 tons of weight at max capacity. 

The selling price of the GMC Sierra is around $38K. It has a current truck bed length of 5.5ft. GMC Sierra is not your everyday truck. It is fast, but it still costs a lot more than a regular truck.

So, if you are an adventure lover who would like to go on travels a lot, then the GMC Sierra would be a great 4X4 truck to have.

How to buy these beasts?

An authentic dealership is your answer. There are so many dealerships in the UK, USA, Canada, from where you can buy these vehicles. Talk about the UK, one of the authentic dealerships is Saxton 4×4. To buy Saxton 4×4 cars, you can visit the dealership and get your vehicle in no time.


We hope you liked this list of 4X4 trucks. We would like to warn you that this is not the end of the list. There are many more vehicles that we haven’t added to the list due to a shortage of space. So, stay tuned till we add them in our next part of the best 4X4 vehicles.

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