Best AR Games Edition in 2019

The number of AR games based on the projection or spread of the game is not much. However, with the development of sensors and the support of game infrastructure software, the number is increasing day by day. Firstly, AR games offer different gameplay dynamics with Pokemon GO and currently have different gameplay models.

In the list below, different types of AR games are suitable for playing with mostly new generation phones. The lack of sensors that measure the depth of field makes the games not working efficiently. Therefore, if your phone is not an up-to-date phone, you may have trouble playing games efficiently.

Apple has made great improvements to ARKit with AR (Augmented Reality). With ARKit, the developers developed very successful games for the iPhone and iPad. We have listed the most successful AR Oyunlar you can play on iPhone and iPad.

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

AR Games (Augmented Reality) Oyunlar was introduced on April 29, 2019. Angry Birds AR, which came to the iOS platform in the first place, will also come to the Android platform soon. You can play Angry Birds in our environment with a realistic experience.

The Machines

When it comes to making full use of Apple’s ARKit, no other game is more successful than The Machines. If you have an iPhone X, the game is even more awesome.

This game, shown in the introduction of the iPhone X, is a multi-player game and transforms your environment into a battlefield. TL 22.99 deserves the game money until the last penny and shows the latest point of technology.

Pokemon GO

I’m sure many of you know this game, but the first game that comes to mind when you say AR is Pokemon GO. Based on the popular cartoon Pokemon of our childhood, the game is based on reallocation and is based on capturing and developing our lovely friends.


Arise is a 3D puzzle game designed with augmented reality and working only on devices that support ARKit. If you like puzzle type games you will definitely like this game. The game, praised by Forbes and many others, reveals the blessings of augmented reality. You can buy the paid game for 12 TL.

Ticket to Earth

Ticket to Earth is a tactical puzzle and RPG battle game. Australian Game Developer Awards 2017 champion, Unity Awards 2017 Best mobile gaming and gold cube finalist, Game Development World Championship 2017 Finalist, IndieCade Europe 2017 and Casual Connect USA 2017 Indie Award Finalist, we recommend you to try the game.

The Arzomb

ARZombie is a fun zombie game where you protect your home from zombie attacks. Zombies entering through the door or window of the room can scare you. Although not as successful as the other games we introduced, it is a very good augmented reality game compared to the 4.49 TL fee.

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