Best Foodie Gifts for Healthy Lifestyle Geeks

Best Foodie Gifts

It isn’t always easy to surprise a foodie who’s trying to keep up with a healthy lifestyle with an outstanding gift since the chances are they’ve already bought everything they need. However, with these great foodie gift ideas for a healthy lifestyle, you’ll have no worries in picking the right one. 


Every healthy lifestyle geek should own a bottle of vinegar. You can pair a perfect sparkling kit with local oysters and combine different kinds of vinegar for the ideal oyster toppings. You can’t go wrong with authentic balsamic vinegar of Modena that makes the perfect mix of sweet and sour and generates an exceptional ingredient to pair with savory or sweet dishes. Another great idea is to give their pantry a makeover and purchase a vinegar set that includes various kinds of vinegar like apple cider maple, lemon honey, or strawberry rose.


Another great gift idea for your foodie friend is a wok. It’s great not just for its design and material but also for its ability to prepare anything you can think of and cook it to perfection. As opposed to the traditional frying pan which has a flat bottom, a wok has more of a round bottom which allows the liquids to sit in one spot in the center and in this way provides an even source of heat. Its main benefit is that it allows you to stir fry since it can handle the heat of a professional stove. Due to the fact that it provides high heat and a non-stick surface, you don’t need to use a large amount of oil, thus making it a much healthier option.

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt, also known as pink rock salt because of its unique pink color, has numerous health benefits, making it a great foodie gift for a healthy lifestyle. This salt is called the purest one on earth, due to the fact it’s mined, washed by hand, and unprocessed. Himalayan salt is rich in plenty of nutrients such as iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and calcium. Not only does it improve your respiratory health, but it also gets rid of toxins, boosts your energy, and keeps you hydrated during the whole day. It’s no wonder that it’s magic for your body and soul. A great idea is to mix Himalayan salt with other healthy ingredients like balsamic vinegar, olive oil, or different kinds of sauces as part of a single gift box, making it one of the best foodie gifts for any gourmet food lover.

Extra virgin olive oil

Since ancient times, olive oil has been known for its many health benefits, making it a perfect gift for a healthy lifestyle. In particular, extra virgin olive oil is considered to be even healthier since it’s a product of pure, cold-pressed olives and the least processed type you can find. Not only does it make everything taste better in the kitchen, but it’s also an essential ingredient of any good diet. Keep in mind that a good diet has some extraordinary benefits like improving health and preventing several diseases including heart diseases and cancer. Therefore, don’t hesitate and purchase olive oil, which is one of the best foodie gifts that any healthy lifestyle geek will appreciate.

Digital scale

The basic kitchen tool for a healthy lifestyle would certainly be a digital scale that can perfectly measure portions for one’s diet. A digital scale can be both a food scale and a nutritional calculator all in one. It provides users with the possibility to see the precise number of calories they’re preparing to eat or drink. With the help of a digital scale, users are able to control their portions and therefore make healthier choices with every bite they take.

Hopefully, this article has given you insight into some of the best foodie gifts and has inspired you to pick the one your healthy lifestyle friend would surely appreciate. 

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