A Guide to Ageless Makeup for Women Over 50

Best Makeup for Women Over 50

Women love makeup. They are always seeking for new cosmetic products and follow the trends set by makeup artists. However, for older women, there is little advice on how to look younger with the help of makeup. The beauty industry has focused on young girls attracting new consumers. Today we will correct that injustice and reveal to you the best tips and tricks that will make you use makeup the right way. After the age of 50, you need adequate and a quality care. Most women do not possess time to try out modern techniques or lip augmentation.

Best Makeup for Women Over 50

Our goal is to put on make-up quickly, use proven products that are really effective and to look younger! Makeup has always been a woman’s best friend, whether they are girls or grandmothers. Aging is a natural process and it is impossible to prevent the signs of aging from appearing on your face. However, it should not bring down your self-confidence.

In the following lines, we have prepared an accurate guide for you. It will help you look like a million dollars after the age of 50, in just a few minutes!

Makeup tips for Women Over 50

Facial cleansing

Thorough facial cleansing is not reserved only for young women who have problems with pimples. Acne can occur at any age. For women over the age of 50, dermatologists advise using mild facial cleansers that do not contain chemicals. You will enjoy oil-based facial cleansing gels. Choose those cleansers that contain vitamins and minerals and have the ability to regenerate the top layer of skin. Like all products, you should choose cleansers based on your skin type. In later years, the skin may be dry and sagging, due to the loss of collagen and elastin. Cleaning is done in the morning and in the evening, and additional peeling session is recommended once a week. Beside cleansing, a moisturizing cream is necessary which will nourish your skin and restore its radiance. These are the key steps that will ensure your makeup is permanent and looks flawless.

Eyeshadow Primer

If you apply eyeshadow every day, it is necessary to include a primer in your routine. The primer will help you reduce the visible signs of aging and the eye shadow will be long standing. If you are wearing make-up for work or for any other occasion, you know that the eyeshadow can disappear quickly, if you do not apply the appropriate support. The skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive, and as we age, it becomes thinner. It is advisable to choose quality primers that are not rough for the skin. Otherwise, eye make-up can cause various irritations that take a long time to recover. Aging skin can create purple and blue shades around the eyelids, because the eyelids become transparent. Primers help to make the skin color more even. Only then can you apply your favorite shade and enhance your makeup.

Face primer

A face primer can be amazingly powerful, especially if you are struggling with enlarged pores and visible wrinkles. The primer will tighten the skin and establish the perfect structure for applying powder or lotion in the color of the skin. When you apply the primer, let it dry, and then use a brush to apply the powder that is closest to your complexion. If you want, you can apply a little blush on your cheeks and thus you will regain freshness.

Focus on lashes

Many women after the age of 50 have a problem with thinning eyelashes. Eyelashes grow slowly and are difficult to renew. It seems to us that no mascara can help. Some mascaras can cause lashes to become weak and brittle. The right solution for a flawless look can be lash extensions. Lash extensions guarantee that you will look beautiful and tidy as soon as you wake up. They save time and make the make-up routine simpler. Long and dark lashes are no longer unattainable and they look excellent. If you maintain them properly, the lash extensions can last up to two months, and then correction is needed. The best thing is the lash extensions will not affect your natural lashes and will not damage them.

BB cream and CC cream

BB creams can make your skin look perfect, because they contain concealer and protection from UV rays. UV rays can adversely affect the skin, so it is advisable to use sunscreen products every day. UV rays can cause wrinkles, spots and hyperpigmentation and also more serious problems on your face. BB creams hydrate the skin and do not clog pores. CC creams are used for color correction and are very light. However, these creams require you to apply a moisturizer and primer first for the best effect.


If you have spots or dark circles around your eyes, you will need concealer, because only it can completely cover the imperfections on your face. During aging the facial skin becomes dry and it is advisable to use liquid concealers. If you put concealer on wrinkles hoping to cover some of the lines, it will be a mistake. It will only make your wrinkles stand out, and you are going to look even older.

Fill in your eyebrows

After the age of 50, eyebrows become thin so many women opt for micro blading or eyebrow tattooing. This method is effective, but it requires you to go to regularly sessions and keep your eyebrows in good condition. If you are not a fan of these techniques, we advise you to use a gel or eyebrow pencil that is closest to the shade of your natural eyebrows. If you have problems with eyebrow growth, you can use castor oil. It is applied every day before bed and can accelerate the growth of new hair. In addition, this organic oil has a powerful effect on eyelash growth. When it comes to eyebrows, it is important to mould them in accordance with all facial features.

Lipstick is a must

As the years go by, the lips lose volume becoming asymmetrical. To emphasize the beauty of the lips, it is necessary to use a lip liner that will emphasize the edges. When you emphasize the edges, fill the interior with the desired color. Makeup artists advise selecting a lighter color, because that way you will look younger and fresher. You should avoid matte lipsticks, because they make you look older. For an even better effect, add lip gloss, because gloss can make your lips look fuller. It is also advisable to do a lip peel once a week. Also, you can make them at home. You need to clean your lips first, and then apply sugar. Rub your lips with gentle movements and rinse them. Sugar granules will clean the dead cells from the lips. When your lips are dry and dehydrated, you can apply a little honey and leave it on for a few minutes. After that, lubricate your lips with a hydrating care product.

For the final makeup recommendation, we want to mention that facial care is the most important. Choose quality creams and be sure to use anti-aging products according to your skin type. Mature skin care can seem complicated, but the secret is to interpret the signals your skin sends and try to provide it with enough nutrients and hydration. How your skin will look in the 50’s does not depend only on care. It is advisable to exercise regularly, eat healthily and drink as much water as possible. Everyday habits can improve the condition of your skin making you look younger and more beautiful. And don’t forget, age is just a number, it’s much more important how you feel and how you radiate!

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