Best Vitamins for Female and male Impotence?

Although many people have never heard of female impotence, the truth is that it exists and can be a big problem. Few people also know that there are vitamins for female impotence that can help solve the problem. Well, the first thing that needs to be said is that female sexual impotence is a little different from the male, of course!

Usually, it is characterized by a lack of sexual desire or frigidity!

These factors can be caused by various causes, such as hormonal disorders, tiredness, pathologies of the sexual system, age, and others. One of the leading causes of female impotence is precisely a natural period that is part of the female reproductive cycle: menopause.

Of course, this is a physiological phase and is part of the natural aging process. Still, it must undoubtedly be treated to have a better quality of life, including sexual issues.

What happens is that, in most cases, the lack of sexual appetite during menopause is related to problems in hormone production. Suhagra 100 and Aurogra 100 Best Option for Erectile Dysfunction. This makes the woman also feel less feminine, and even with less libido, it is essential to look for alternatives to solve the problem, you can also see how to increase libido by clicking here.

Although hormone replacement therapy is the most widely used alternative, the truth is that most women do not even know that it is possible to solve the problem naturally. So, if you are interested in knowing a little more about the vitamins for female impotence, keep reading and discover everything you need to know about this subject.

Main Vitamins for Female Impotence

Perhaps you already know that food has a significant influence on the body’s functioning as a whole.

Thus, choosing the consumption of food that can contribute to its functions is a determining factor. Therefore it is possible to treat problems that already exist and still prevent the emergence of new issues.

More than that, anyone looking for an improvement in sexual desire should always opt for vitamins that can contribute to the circulatory system’s progress, which has a direct implication in this function.

So, here are the main vitamins for female impotence:

Vitamin A

Without a doubt, this is considered the main vitamin for sexual function, since it helps in the production of female sex hormones.

Best of all, vitamin A can be easily found in carrots, mangoes, eggs, papayas, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, apricots, and others.

B12 Vitamin

Among the vitamins for female impotence, this is one of the most important, and it can also be beneficial for men.

This is because it stimulates the circulatory system’s action and helps in the dilation of blood vessels.

The consequence of this is that it improves the woman’s blood supply to the pelvic area, improving the lubrication.

It can be found in eggs, red meat, fish, and other foods.

Vitamin C

This is one of the best vitamins to protect the body from a wide variety of problems, strengthening the immune system.

More than that, it also improves the production of sex hormones, being very beneficial for those who are not quickly excited.

This vitamin can be easily found in foods such as acerola, lemon, orange, peppers, tangerines, strawberries, guava, watercress, and others.

Vitamin B3

This is another vital member of the list of vitamins for female impotence, being essential to improve blood flow in Organs genitals.

Not to mention that it can also help to make orgasms more intense.

It can be easily found in red meat, fish, poultry, peanuts, milk, and eggs.

Vitamin B6

These vitamins for female impotence are essential in controlling prolactin production in women. In turn, this is one of the main hormones responsible for infertility, so when its levels are low, women can better enjoy sexual intercourse.

This vitamin can also be found in eggs, milk, and beer.

Vitamin E

Those looking for an improvement in blood circulation, especially in the genital region, know that this is one of the vitamins for female impotence.

This is because it helps to improve blood flow in the Organ’s sexual organs and even contributes to an increase in the production of sex hormones for men and women.

This vitamin can be found in corn, peanuts, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, and others.

Safflower, cotton, and corn oils are also rich in this vitamin.


Having an organism with adequate zinc levels is essential for testosterone to be produced by the organism in sufficient amounts.

This is true for both men and women, as this hormone is present in both sexes’ body.

Among the foods rich in zinc, we can mention milk, some meats, oats, and oysters known for their aphrodisiac power.

Okay, you already know a little more about the vitamins for female impotence. Take advantage of the tips and change your menu!

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