Boxing Accessories That Every Boxer Must Have

Boxing is not the most expensive of sports, and you don’t need too many fancy types of equipment for it while starting. However, to make sure you are always protected and performing at your very best, you should consider getting a few pieces of boxing accessories to become a regular player. 

Many people might tell you to get the latest gizmos and gadgets to tackle your next opponent. However, this is far from the truth as boxing is all about conditioning and protection. Let us take a look at the essential accessories every boxer must possess.

Hand Wraps 

In boxing, your hands are your weapons, and you should always protect them. Hand wraps are essential boxing accessories that can protect the little bones located in your hands. They also absorb sweat and prevent your knuckles from getting scraped, which may lead to bleeding. You can prolong the life of your gloves using hand wraps. Apart from protecting your hands, they also let you maximize your performance.

Boxing Accessories That Every Boxer Must Have

Head Guards

A head guard is a durable, padded helmet that prevents soft tissue damage in your head that includes swelling, scrapes, and cuts. These days, many head guards have minimal slip and comfort lining with added protection. Although head guards protect you against minor injuries, you can still get a concussion from repeated punches to the head. It would be best if you always buy AIBA-approved head guards as they follow specific standards.

Training Gloves

Training gloves are not the same as competition or sparring gloves. They have sufficient padding that protects your hands as you are practicing with a punching bag. The purpose of these boxing accessories is to protect your knuckles as you are hitting the shields and the bags. You should invest in a pair of high-quality training gloves as cheap gloves get worn out pretty quickly and may cause you to sustain injuries.

Sparring Gloves

While training gloves are meant to protect as you are practicing with a punching bag, sparring gloves are boxing accessories you need when you are practicing with a partner. These gloves are heavily padded and have a different shape than training gloves. These gloves aim to keep the damage done to yourself and your sparring partner to a bare minimum. From the wrist support to the padded knuckles, The weight distribution in these gloves is evenly balanced.

Heavy Bag 

If you wish to practice boxing at home, you should get a heavy bag. However, If you are visiting a gym for training, there is no point in investing in it. When it comes to boxing accessories like heavy bags, you have several options available. Most of them weigh around 70 pounds and are made of canvas, leather, or vinyl. They have soft or hard filling inside and have a mount that lets you attach it to a stand or the ceiling.

You must go for a heavy bag rather than a light one, as the extra weight of the heavy bag prevents it from swinging out of place when you hit it. 

Mouth Guard

Apart from boxing gloves, a mouth guard is an essential piece of boxing accessories for a beginner. While you are practicing with a partner, wearing a mouth guard will protect your teeth and prevent them from getting knocked out. They also protect your lips so that they don’t split open after receiving a punch.

Conclusion: These are the essential supplies that every beginner needs to protect themselves. It is not necessary to buy expensive equipment for boxing practice, and one can get most of these supplies for an affordable price.

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