Britney Spears Just Posted a Malicious Tweet Openly Targeted at Lggy Azalea

The pop diva Britney Spears seemingly replies to Iggy’s remarks about the dead duck of their partnership by overconfident about her ongoing Las Vegas placement.

Britney Spears just posted a malicious tweet openly targeted at Iggy Azalea

Sources informed that some matters going to be ostensibly getting worse between pals Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea. Iggy put all the blames of failure of the “Pretty Girls” on Britney Spears.

“Pretty Girls” only get position at No. 29 on Billboard Hot 100. Replying to an admirer who asked her view on the fiasco, at this time Iggy only just stated on Twitter, “Absolutely It’s not a simple way to take a song on the highest position of the music charts deprived of further promo and TV presentations etc. unfortunately I am just presented, I would have relished carrying out it a lot, I think it got off to a influential start.”

Iggy Azalea 25 had some choice NSFW words for Britney Spears around why their solo ‘Pretty Girls’ blasted, and at the present Spears has arguing her own point of view. Here we can say it directly that “Pretty Girls” is an actually an average song.

They may be pretty girls however belongings give the impression to be turnoff horrible among Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea. It’s all ongoing, as soon as the Australian rapper accused lack of advertising for delaying the chart triumph of their single.

Azalea, as is her habit of, bounced the blame and placed it on Spears. One of Azalea’s fans asked her on Twitter that what is the main reason for the slumped of “Pretty Girls” and Azalea blame all the accountabilities to her partner Britney Spears and more over stated that without any proper advertisement and promo it’s not easy to promote your music. It’s very tough to raise the number of your music.

As we know Spears was titled the topmost earning female musician globally, captivating in $58 million in 2012. The next year, she signed for a two-year nationality at The AXIS at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas those reimbursements her stated $15 million a year.

It seems that Britney may be protecting some shade but, as she far ahead dispatched a tweet about being “gratified” for her multi-million dollars nationality in Las Vegas. Even though the tweet didn’t reference Azalea, it’s value consider that she only just void her US tour.

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