A Bug Restriction: Ways to Protect Your Bedroom From Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are an increasing concern since they have been more prevalent in current years and are troublesome to wipe out. These bugs aren’t just nuisances. They can also disrupt the quality of your sleep.

Ways to Protect Your Bedroom From Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are minuscule which allows them to quickly hide from your sight when they are not active mainly during the day. Also, bed bugs do not care how much money you make for being rich and does not grant you immunity from the infestation of bed bugs.

As long there is a source of blood accessible to them, they will gladly take a place to live even in a clean home. Luckily, there are approaches you can utilize to prevent the infestation of bed bugs in your household.

Do bed bugs feed on humans?

The answer is no. Bed bugs are not particular to humans, for the sneaky bugs are also a nuisance in poultry enterprises, and they also parasitize bats. The fur of an animal can be a barrier to them, but they feed on dogs and cats as well.

When the Bed Bugs Bite

The bites of bed bugs can appear at any part of the body, but they are more common in the uncovered areas of skin when sleeping such as the legs, hands, arms, and face.

Other people may not experience a skin reaction to the bite of a bed bug. However, most people experience signs and symptoms of a bite and probably going to experience at least one of the following:

  • Hives or blisters at the site of the bite.
  • A bite with a swollen reddish area with a dark center.
  • A bite in a succession or a line in a small area.
  • Are you going to feel the bite immediately?

No, as the bites do not always appear right away. Sometimes, it might take a couple of days for the symptom to appear.

One important thing to note is that bed bugs do not come out to feed every night for the sneaky bugs can survive for plenty of days without feeding themselves. It may take at least a week to observe that the bites are a piece of a bigger pattern.

How to protect your room from bed bugs?

Protecting your room from bed bugs is a task lot easier rather than dealing with the bed bugs from infestation, and these steps can help you on how to safeguard your room from the sneaky bugs.

Clear bedroom clutter

Bedroom clutter provides the bed bugs a location to hide, and also makes it effortless for them to infest your household and the more your bedroom is cluttered, the more hiding spots for the bugs, and the tougher it will be to dispose of them.

It is important to reduce the clutters in your home where the bugs can hide to keep the bed bugs out of your room surely and to keep you safe from infestation.

Keep luggage away from the bed.

Even if you do not find any signs of bugs, it is wise not to place your luggage on the bed for your luggage is an item most likely to bring bugs from your travel and it is the hardest to control.

Whenever you check your room, try placing the bag in the restroom where it is unlikely to carry bugs.

Replace your mattresses every three years.

Replace your mattresses every three years

It may seem a very short time to replace your mattress, but it can also be a wise intervention to take to dispose of the bed bugs. Once they have gotten into your mattress, it will be hard to determine how many bugs are exactly residing in your bed.

While you can often see the bed bugs in a mattress, they can also travel in other parts around your household such as furniture seams, under wallpaper, inside the switch plates, and much more.

Use protective covers on your beds.

Use protective covers on your beds

You can prevent bed bugs from infecting your bed by covering your mattress with a plastic protective cover. By doing so, the bugs will have trouble penetrating the fabric of your mattress due to the cover.

Protective covers for your mattress are widely accessible at stores that sell bedding, and there will be no problem for you to ask where to buy such cover for your bed.

In case you bring home bed bugs, the protective cover will make it effortless for you to locate the bed bugs quickly. Immediately wash all of the apparel that you brought with you during your travel and check the cover so that you can directly notice and focus on the problem.

If the bugs have already penetrated into the mattress, it is best to get rid of it at once rather than attempting to get rid of the bed bugs.

Vacuum and clean room rugs

Vacuum and clean room rugs

It is best to clean your room rugs at least once a week. If you guess that you have come into contact with bugs, then try cleaning daily until such time you are sure that your home is clear of bugs.

Get rid of the vacuum contents meticulously in a bag that you can cover, then dispose it away from your household to prevent bugs from entering again.

If you already have bed bugs unknowingly, failure to empty the vacuum cleaner will permit the bugs to make it as their place to hide and multiply.


Getting rid of bugs is never an easy task, that is why it is better to prevent them from entering your home than deal with them. In times that you are tired of dealing with them, you can also hire an operator to develop a method to deal with the bedbugs, it may be expensive, but it will be useful for your side.

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