Buying Two Wheeler Insurance? Here are Some Factors to Consider

two wheeler insurance

We know you love riding your bike. It is the best companion of yours and the bond is too deep. You are always ready to roam around on your two wheeler with your friends or colleagues to have fun. But at the same time, you want it to be safe and secure. Your bike is the most precious possession, so as the owner it is your sole responsibility to maintain it and protect it. And it can best be done by buying Two Wheeler Insurance. The policy secures your every ride from any uncertain incidents on road.

Buying Two Wheeler insurance is beneficial as it will keep you safe and secure from financial losses and manages uncertain risk. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, buying a two wheeler insurance policy is mandatory in India. Here riding a bike without a valid insurance policy is prohibited. So we should not take it lightly and look towards securing our loved bike by purchasing two wheeler insurance. Always, remember that you should not depend on any insurance dealer or agent to buy two-wheeler policy and instead make decisions as per your own choice. So here we will discuss factors that you should consider on while getting your two-wheeler insured.

Let’s begin the search:

Choose for the type of policy with suitable coverages:

Firstly you need to decide which type of policy suits you the best. Means there are two types of policy offered by the General Insurance Companies i.e. the Third-Party Liability Policy and the Comprehensive Policy. So you should go through the policy in detail along with the suitable coverages for accidental damages and other losses. Now compare the difference between the two and then choose the best for your bike.

Search for the add-ons:

Add-on covers are always good as well as beneficial to have as it gives you extra protection. Add-ons like nil depreciation and personal accident covers are offered by insurers and charges extra value for it. So to add further protection and smooth commutation in the vehicle, you can opt for these add-ons as well.

Look for the exclusions:

You know what is included in your policy but what is not included is equally important to know. You should know that under which situation you cannot raise a claim. So it is advisable to properly look for the exclusion list to avoid future rejection. 

Check the Claim Settlement Procedure:

Before coming on any decision you should check the claim settlement procedure of companies. Suppose you incurred any loss and want your insurer to assist you. So for that situation, you should first check and then select insurer having a fast claim settlement process. Today the online platform has made the path easier, quick and hassle-free.

Timely customer support and assistance:

Suppose you are stuck in a situation and you want instant help from your insurer. Now in this condition, you want your insurer to assist you on time. So before purchasing the policy, you should first compare and ask people about their experience and then take any decision.

Prefer cashless Garages:

In case if your vehicle is repaired at the registered network garage, then the insurance company will bear the cost. You should check the quality and number of garages because broad network ensures hassle-free and quick claim settlement.

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