Chinese eat human baby soup for stamina and sex

It is widely believed that some Chinese are fond of human baby soup. In this regard, some latest news that are being shared over several internet forums, are extremely shocking.

Human baby soup

Human baby soup

Chinese eat human baby soup!

This report was received by a widely read newspaper in the Seoul Times through e-mail. The same newspaper confirmed that there were many clear images with attached with the email.

These appalling photographs showed human embryos and fetuses turned into soup so that it could be consumed by Chinese buyers.


In Chinese currency, the cost of this human baby soup is around 2,000. This makes it 4,000 dollars in US currency. A person working as a manager in a factory was interviewed. The same person testified that the human baby soup and baby herbal soup are indeed very effective.

He was able to say this with such conviction because he was one of the customers who frequently indulged in the delicacy.

Daily Sex

The man pointed to a woman beside him who was his second wife. The woman was only 19 years of age. She said that she had had sex with her 62 year old husband each and every day.

The man had to wait for many weeks after which he was finally able to take the reporter of the newspaper to the restaurant.

The manager had informed him that the baby soup was available. The code name for this soup is spare rib soup.

Baby Herbal Soup

The same report further elaborated that the southern province of Canton and a town–Guangdong–were becoming notorious for this purpose.

The Chinese people in these areas are extremely fond of baby herbal soup which they believe increases their health.

Moreover, this diet is also supposed to enhance the stamina of their bodies. Another reason for the popularity of these products is the belief that it increases sexual prowess.

In fact, it is one of the most specific reasons for its immense popularity. The baby herbal soup also includes highly expensive herbs which are boiled in conjunction with chicken for hours and hours.

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