5 Tips To Help Cope With A Chronic Illness

Coping with Chronic Illness

Strong relationships can suffer when one party is affected by a chronic disease like arthritis, diabetes, or multiple sclerosis. A sick husband may not feel the same emotionally as they did in the past. And a wife that becomes a caregiver for her husband may find it difficult to deal with the changes in the marriage. 

Studies have been conclusive regarding the devastating effects chronic illnesses have on a marriage. Divorce rates are higher, and the caregiving mate is six times more likely to become depressed. 

However, this outcome does not have to be the reality of a marriage. The following tips are available to wives seeking ways to help their husbands cope with chronic illnesses. 

coping with chronic illness


Relationships tend to suffer when serious problems are faced. This is because there is often no simple solution. The resulting lack of discussion can cause the couple to feel distant from one another. 

The proper level of communication is key. Couples that talk too much about an illness will do harm to the relationship. This is also true when the illness is never discussed. 

Manage Stress

It is normal for individuals to experience sadness or anxiety when a serious chronic illness affects their marriage. The unpredictability of many of these diseases adds to the anxious feelings. Also, incorporating healthy habits in your routine can help like taking vitamins or putting superfood powder in your morning shake.

Anxiety can be best managed by finding the root cause of the bad feelings. A strategy can then be developed to address the issue. The solution can be as simple as getting back to doing things that were previously enjoyed as a couple. This could be a walk in the park, dinner and a movie, or a ride through town with family. 

Openly State Needs

A husband that is suffering from a chronic illness will suffer from a mixed batch of emotions. There will be times that he is optimistic and becomes determined to do things for himself. The next day, the same man could seem angry and resentful because ‘no one’ is there to help him. 

It is important for husbands that are ill to realize that a wife and other family members can not read his mind. The husband should be encouraged to articulate exactly how he feels and what he needs from the people around him. 

Be Mindful Of Caregiver’s Health

Caring for a loved one that is ill is a very stressful life experience to endure. This can become even more stressful when the sick person is a spouse that was previously able to tend to the needs of the caregiver

Wives that are forced into the position of caregiver should not neglect their own mental, emotional, or health needs. It is important, maybe more than ever, that the caregiving wife remains whole throughout the process. 

Lean On Friends And Family

Individuals that are affected by chronic illnesses often begin to isolate themselves. In these times, friends and families can make all the difference in whether or not the sick person slips into depression. 

Illnesses may make it more difficult for the couple to visit the homes of others or attend public social events. However, there are other ways that social connections can help the plight of a couple battling a chronic illness. 

Friends and family can visit the home of the couple when the husband feels well enough to entertain company. Individuals that care about the couple can also be a benefit by performing chores or running errands that can relieve pressure from the caregiving spouse. 

Finally, there will be times that the wife caring for her husband will need a time out. Friends and family can be of service by showing her a good time, or sitting with her sick husband for a few hours while she unwinds. 

Chronic illness can wreak havoc on a marriage. A husband that is ill will need a lot of support to remain optimistic while fighting to reclaim a normal life. The five tips above will prove their value in helping a man cope with a chronic illness.

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