10+ Important Things Every Security Companies Should Do

With the unprecedented rise of cyber threats across the world and the internet becoming darker, network security firms have to constantly adapt and make them adept with the updated security measures. These small techniques and methodologies help these Cyber Security Consulting firms to protect their clients from the evolved threats which threaten to wipe out the entire firm, financially and on online platforms.

Cyber Security Consulting
Cyber Security Consulting

Amongst these safety measures few of them are as follows:

  • Protection of Data: Data protection of the client/s and their organization is the topmost priority of a Cybersecurity company. They should take stern measures so that data could leak through the internal mainstream through social media, spam emails, keyloggers, etc. Monitoring and controls should be established so that employees may not accidentally/intentionally reveal the company’s sensitive data.
  • Blocking pop-ups: Employees of the organization fall prey to click-baits and phishing emails. As soon as they click, or provide personal and company details, crucial passwords and data are stolen and compromised. Such suspicious and malicious pop-ups must be blocked immediately. Security firms should try to protect these channels from potential risks such as links, emails, adware, etc.
  • Using stringent protocols: Through the implementation of strong protocols, cases of password loss can be minimized drastically. Rather than going for conventional/traditional passwords, security firms should train employees to create algorithm based passwords. Two-factor authentication methods should be promoted for robust security, which certainly makes it difficult for hackers to exploit. Employees should be provided limited access to the system, only if mandatory.
  • Regular and Instant updates: Cyber Security Consulting firms should promote the IT staff and firm’s employees to regularly update their security software installed in their system as soon as the latest security patch is released. With the updated virus definitions protection from advanced threats is provided and vulnerabilities of the system architecture are fixed. Employees should be trained not to procrastinate updates, as it can be harmful. 
  • Promotion of secured networks and VPN: Employees should be promoted to secured networks to access the internet. If possible networks should be duly encrypted and trained to use VPNs. Each client with their employees should have access to VPN’s on their digital devices while accessing the internet as public Wi-Fi are likely to compromise personal data on devices. 
  • Regular Training: Cyber-Security Company should be trained regularly for adopting safe and sound internet practices. With training employees of the firm can avert cyber-attacks on their behalf, if there is a robust system available. Policies, rules, and regulations should be thoroughly elaborated and every concern must be addressed. The proper channel must be followed if the upload of data on the cloud is required.
  • Secured channel for instant communication: In the event of a data breach or a suspicious activity firms should be instantly informed by the client. For that purpose, a hot-line type communication channel with the IT staff must be provided. Firms should be providing a 24X7 service for queries, support, and guidance. 
  • Continuous monitoring: Clients should continuously monitor their client activities which are associated with the firm in any way. Those employees who have been earlier associated with the firm, and have temporary access should also be continuously monitored. Security firms must also ensure that third-party firms or any unauthorized can’t get access to critical data.
  • Regular audits and reviews: A good Cyber Security Company like The Web Orion performs regular in-depth scans and tests for inherent vulnerabilities present in the system architecture. Tools like penetration testing should be employed to assess the real-time situation. Policies regarding security must be regularly updated, with firewalls being tested. 

Safe and Secure activities: Network security firms such as The Web Orion edifies their clients and employees to physically protect their digital devices from thefts. Ports of such devices should also be secured and protected against unauthorized access. Administrator accounts should be made extremely hard to infect and intrude.

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