What Makes Cyclorama A Perfect Pick For Your Next Shoot?

Cyclorama wall – Video production without cyclorama is impossible as they ease the life of all those shooting enthusiasts who deal with the green screen. Excited to learn more? Let’s figure it out!

What do you mean by cyclorama?

In theatre, a cyclorama is a form of a background device routinely employed for covering the back and sides of the stage. Majorly, it is used for special lighting effects for creating an illusion of the sky or open space or something set at a distant stage setting. 

cyclorama wall

The cyclorama is equipped with a specialized and seamless wall at its background with almost no visible corners or feature sharp angles causing shadowy illustration. The special effects of the film can be improved by combing both the white cyclorama and green cyclorama. 

This is usually the last background medium which is found in most of the cyclorama studios or auditorium. A cyclorama can be created through the use of a PVC screen, cloth and is made available both in the perforated and non-perforated medium. Usually, you will find cycloramas which are white in color meant for providing an infinitive vision and a canvas for creating a virtual reality. For this virtual reality, you need a combination of both projections and lights.

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Cyclorama wall is more often recognized either in PC commercials or Mac as well as car commercials. Cycloramas are perfect for obtaining a great extent of flexibility, consistency, and versatility based on their lighting effects. These lighting effects can evenly disperse and reflect across all the angles. This dispersion and the subsequent reflection of the lighting effects give rise to an illusion of a shadowless backdrop for a picture-perfect shot. Cameraman, can then take advantage of this unit and move freely to shoot a scene from different perspectives without actually worrying about the shadows. 

Using cyclorama lighting – 

There is nothing magical about the cyclorama lighting. The cyclorama is commonly used in a small studio setting where both the horizon beyond the set and the foreground surface are curved. This facilitates a smooth transitionary state at the bottom of the set where you routinely place all your supporting graphics such as ad copies or advertisements. 

Cyclorama curtain at a glance – 

The cyclorama curtain features a rail that can either be straight or shaped like an L, U, or round the perimeter encircling the entire set. It can either be single or double or triple and may or may not undergo interchanges amidst the rails. Such rails hanging down an object may either be green or blue or black or white or translucent in color. The black curtain is unique as it provides a black background, helps in maintaining privacy, avoids reflection of the light through the walls, and wrapping the entire study with a fabric. 

Virtual cyclorama – 

Most of the cyclorama studios have virtual cyclorama where the camera does not identify the straight lines. There is no sudden visible change along with color or texture or shades of these straight lines. These virtual cycloramas are implemented with the use of fiberglass or plasterboard or wood. Sometimes, it may even reflect as a combination of two or more aspects. 

Importance of Cyclorama walls – 

The cyclorama walls assist in virtually disappearing the background and magnifying the presence of the subject. It facilitates a complete diversion of the viewer towards the subject of interest or the product is focused on the displayed image. 

Advantages of using a cyclorama – 

The chroma studios in Delhi state the following benefits of using a cyclorama studio in Delhi – 

Fine Tuning – 

It is always ideal for maintaining a fair distance between the background and the subject of focus. This helps in eliminating the influencing the effect of light from the subject and vice versa. If you place the subject too close to the background, it will result in spilling the light across the background. A general rule to follow here is multiplying your subject’s height by two. Whatever number you get here, use it to keep a distance between the subject and its background. 

Cyclorama studios are used to provide a perception that there is nothing behind your subject. In other words, it helps in magnifying the presence of your subject of interest. Filmmakers often make use of green films with the cyclorama walls for further manipulating the shots and enhancing them with special effects.

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