How to Avoid Cumulative Impact Delays in Construction Projects

Change is the only constant in every walk of life. The construction industry has no exception in this regard. It is imperative to note that clauses of amendments are included in every contract that enables the owners to later the initially agreed structure of the building. Most of the contractors ensure proper provision of such alteration within the estimated time-limited for the project delivery. However, frequent changes may lead to cumulative impact delays in the projects that should be avoided at all costs.

Delays in Construction Projects

Although the contract clauses enable the contracting parties to set a mechanism for adjustments of changing requirements in the project, the probability of dispute is significantly high. It is owing to the reason; last moment changes may require some additional time, which is not granted, it results in claims.

The article is aimed at highlighting the basic concept of cumulative impact delays and potential ways to avoid it for in-time delivery of the project.

What is the cumulative impact claim?

When a project has to bear multiple changes in a sequence or at the same time, it has a compound impact on the working. It becomes tough to manage the effect in terms of project delivery and cost. It causes a significant change in the scope of the project because the contractors have to manage overlapping tasks and activities.

In such a situation, the contracting parties should negotiate the impact to mitigate the risks of claims. For this purpose, it is suggested to get advice from construction claims consultants Dubai based services to resolve the pricing disputes in time. A pro-active approach towards problems helps in ensuring effective resolves!

Cumulative Impact Delays Prevention Tips for Construction Projects

There is no denying the fact that mutual consent is essential for dealing with the overlapping changes in construction projects. However, contracting parties don’t need to always agree to one solution owing to the diversity of personal opinions. Therefore, contractors and builders should plan things wisely to eliminate the impact of cumulative changes in construction projects.

Here are given a few ways to deal with such claims before getting the situation worse:

Compile great contracts

First thing first, it is imperative to focus on the fundamental stage of the construction, which is the contract. A comprehensive written agreement is the key to success in any project. Therefore, project owners, as well as the builders, should pay more considerable attention to define all possible clauses of change order along with the number of modifications done in the project.

There is no denying that a comprehensively written contract ensures clarity of work scope in the construction projects. It helps in eliminating cumulative claims by limiting the changes to a specific number of times and duration.

Seek project insurance

The construction industry is full of fluctuations. Therefore, contracting parties should consider everything practically to avoid unwanted circumstances. The best way to ensure vigilance is to get your project insured. It will enable the contractors to mitigate the adverse impact of disputes and delays in the construction.

Besides this, a good insurance plan helps the contracting parties to put their best efforts for the timely delivery of the projects without getting into conflicts and disputes. You can also prevent damages of on-site accidents by insurance. Make sure that you have sought a suitable plan covering every aspect of risks in construction.

Define the project timeline wisely

You surely agree with the fact that if planning is done rightly, the project is delivered timely. Most of the contractors already know that the project timeline should comprise all possible delays and disruptions. It means that when you are setting the timeframe for the building process, the cumulative impact should be considered and mentioned explicitly.

At this point, the active involvement of all contracting parties is essential for open and honest timeline estimation for the project. The variation of the timeline, along with the difference in prices, must be considered in case of changes in project scope.

Estimate extra time and efforts 

It is the most important thing to prevent cumulative claims in construction. Everyone knows that a change in the project causes an increase in the time for construction. Moreover, the contractors also need to put more effort into accomplishing the project with overlapping changes. Therefore, they should consider estimating extra time and efforts during the start to avoid problems during the later stages of the project.

Quantify damages in case of a delay

Last but not least, delays are the eternal truths of construction projects. Once you get into it, there is no escape except to face it with evidence. In a case that contractors experience delays in a project owing to cumulative impact, they should seek assistance from construction claims consultants Dubai based services for evaluation of potential damages. The experts can help them get a clear picture of what and where things get in the wrong direction.

In this way, the contracting parties can realize and accept their part in paving the way for delays or disruptions in the projects to seek a mutual solution. After that, they can make a decision based on quantified cumulative impact to deal with the issues peacefully.

Keynote: Perception of cumulative impact is better than realization!

Summing up, it is difficult to estimate the cumulative impact right after a modification in the project. However, the contractor can analyze the situation using their experience and professionals’ help to mitigate the gravity of issues at the time of project delivery.

Don’t forget to keep a record of all changes made in the project for dealing with adverse situations in case of claims. It is because risk avoidance is better than manages the damages!

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