Dick Van Patten, The Loving Father ‘Eight Is Enough’ Expires at 86

Dick Van Patten, a well-known stage and screen actor and the main prominent thing about his fame for featuring as adoring father Tom Bradford in the television series “Eight Is Enough,” pass away Monday morning. Dick was 86.

Dick Van Patten, The Loving Father ‘Eight Is Enough’ expires at 86

According to his promoter, Jeffrey Ballard, “The actor expired in problems from diabetes at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica. Dick had been suffering for years. This talented actor had performs a lot of movies, embracing “Soylent Green” and Mel Brooks films just “High Anxiety” and “Spaceballs.”

Van Patten, perform form his childhood, no doubt he was an acquainted personality on movie and TV screens for eras. Dick 86 extreme accomplishment came in television, on-screen he always gave a sequence regular on unusual hits just like “When Things Were Rotten.

“He also guest showcased in several series of memo, containing “Rawhide,” “Maude” and “Arrested Development.” Moreover dick was appearing on shows going from the police drama “Naked City” to the sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie” to the comedy album “Love, American Style.”

He completed his Broadway presentation when he was only 7, performing in “Tapestry In Gray, starring Melvyn Douglas. After that Dick Van Patten would go on to execute in almost 27 Broadway creations.

At his teen age Dick met his future wife in an acting school, but by chance never gets a chance to come near her. His wife Patricia Poole was a June Taylor dancer, once both practicing for a play in the similar hall, at this time he expressed his wish to marry with this pretty blonde lady, in front of his friend. More than six eras they attached with their married.

In the television series “Eight Is Enough,” which going on from 1977 to 1981, Van Patten originate a character who he said personified a lot of his principles.

As claimed by our informer, Van Patten stated in a 1989 interview that ,“ I just feel that Tom Bradford and me is a same personality,” this character is a person who at all times lay down his profession second to his family. Seeing that everything was right at home, he feels himself in peace,”

Van Patten admired the show for attempting “a big issue” just like as teen pregnancy and so on. Dick’s had another great performance in a Brooks-led Robin Hood project.

Once Van Patten shared his experience about Brooks’ company, “It’s amazing. It’s just a fun,” he stated on working with Brooks. “It’s not like a job”. He holds onto you laughing and enjoying all the time on the set.” Van Patten printed a biography in 2009, “Eighty Is Not Enough,”

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