First Ten Steps to an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing Campaign | A digital campaign needs to be planned keeping in mind your allocated budget for the year and has to be focused on achieving certain goals. The campaign is an outline of different aspects that you need to cover. Once it is all set up and implemented, the results start coming in and you can monitor them and see where your business is headed.

Digital Marketing Campaign
Digital Marketing Campaign

The planning and implementation have to through various stages and can become stressful if you do not have a digital marketing company to guide you. Read digital marketing campaign examples below.

Here are a few pointers to make the journey easy and accessible.

  • Define Your Budget

Marketing is an important activity for business growth and must not be side-lined. Allocate a budget to suit your pocket and work around it to get the best possible strategy. Digital marketing saves you a lot of money as compared to traditional marketing and also gets you better reach. Hence, even with a small budget, you can develop a result-oriented strategy. Set aside a budget for a digital marketing agency in Bangalore and advertising.

  • Define Clear Goals

Before you start marketing, you need to know what are you doing it for. Each purpose that you need to achieve would need to go through a different route. The different goals could be to grow the awareness of your brand, to get more traffic to your website, more conversions, more followers, greater response to emails or even to rank higher in Google searches. Each will require a different approach even though they work in tandem

  • Define the Target Audience

You cannot possibly address the entire population. It will be a waste of resources for you because everybody is not interested in using your product or service. So, you have to clearly understand who your likely consumers are and you specifically reach out to new Customers with digital marketing. Depending on whether you have a presence in the market or not, you will have to study the market and identify your prospective customer. Reach out to them with a unique proposition, something that your competitors might have missed out on.

  • Build Personas

As you study the market, you will be able to define the personality of your consumers based on their demographics and behaviour patterns. The defining characteristics include gender, age, family size, financial status, job profile, their lifestyle, hobbies, likes, dislikes and other behavioural aspects. It is important to spend some time and effort here as it will impact your marketing strategy to a great extent.

  • Choose Your Channels

Once your audience is identified and you have a persona, it will be easier to understand the marketing channels they access. You can then choose these as your primary marketing channels. There are separate channels for marketing to other businesses and marketing to consumers. The popular channels are social media platforms, e-mails and Google search engine. You will need to devise the best combination based on your goals and budget.

  • Identify Keywords

Before you can create your marketing material for the channels, you need to know what words your audience associate with your product or service, especially when they are searching for a new provider. These constitute the keywords. These are specifically utilised for advertising through search engines. Using keywords in the content can help optimise your content to appear in the search results and make it easy for the consumers to reach you. This will require some research and there are tools available to help you through the same.

  • Blog

Having a blog is an easy and effective way to reach out to your consumers. Consumers look for varied information about products and services. As long as you provide them with relevant and interesting information in an engaging manner, they will come back for more. These are also very helpful for them. As for you, these are a great source of backlinks to drive traffic to your website. You can share these on various social media sites as well.

  • Optimise Social Media

Since these are the most popular channels for marketing, you will need to create attention-grabbing and compelling advertisements. There are a variety of formats that are supported on these platforms and you can choose one that you are comfortable with and also will appeal to your audience.

  • Manage Your Social Media Profiles

You should regularly add new components, such as videos, images and blogs to the feed on your social media pages. This will keep the audience interested in visiting your page and website to find out what’s new. The existing followers can bring you many more based on the relevance of the content shared. You will also be able to get regular feedback from them. While you can be happy about the positive feedback, you must pay greater attention to the negative aspects and modify them.

  • E-mail Marketing

This is a channel often ignored by marketers. As you grow the database of consumers, keeping them updated becomes easy through newsletters sent by e-mail. It is the most economised channel to reach out to the maximum audience. This can be easily automated to save you time as well.

The campaign should be kept flexible as per its progress through the year and the results achieved. Your digital marketing agency in Bangalore can incorporate additional elements or remove redundant or ineffective ones. This requires a constant check on the output of the campaign to keep the campaign dynamic and yield better results.

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