A Homeowners Guide to Buying Double Glazed Windows in Melbourne

All countries worldwide have enacted laws to reduce carbon emissions and encourage the use of products reducing energy consumption. The Green Building Council of Australia was initiated by the Australian government to maximise energy efficiency for government, commercial and residential buildings across the country. Double glazed windows are popular due to their effectiveness in minimising noise and their energy-efficient characteristics.

Guide to Buying Double Glazed Windows in Melbourne

To make things easy for you, here is a compiled guide to buying double glazed windows in Melbourne

Window Energy Ratings

It is an essential factor to consider when you go out to buy double glazed windows in Melbourne. A colour graph indicates the thermal effectiveness of the windows. The green colour or a letter is an indicator of the most energy-efficient rating. The energy efficiency ratings start with A and go up to G, an indicator of the lowest energy efficiency rating. 

According to the new Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, all Melbourne city apartments are required to achieve a minimum 6-star rating. Also, sole occupancy units need to complete minimum 5-star energy efficient ratings. The Australian laws require house owners to improve the fabric of new and existing buildings to maximise energy efficiency. 

There is no doubt double glazed windows with the highest energy efficiency are expensive. Due to this factor, you need to opt for the highest window energy ratings of double glazed windows that fit your budget.


Glazed windows are prone to colouration due to environmental factors. Premium double glazed windows come with a more extended guarantee.

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Melbourne is the fastest growing city in Australia. There is a lot of focus on sustainable development that is environmentally responsible and economical. 

Melbourne has a Smart Blocks program designed to help apartment owners save money by improving their homes’ energy efficiency. It is estimated embracing energy savings products like double glazed windows and the likes can help house owners reduce their power bills by approx—30%.

When purchasing double glazed windows, look at the guarantee provided with the product. It should at least have ten years guarantee to cover for defective products and discolouration. You need to check the level of coverage offered under guarantee or warranty. 

Window Frames

A double glazed window is not a single piece of window furniture. It has several essential components like chambered profiles, internal beading of glass, weather seals, and welded joints. Since the temperatures in Melbourne hover between 24°C and 9°C, the glazed windows are bound to expand and contract during hot and cold months.

Melbourne city has 1200 Buildings programs that enable commercial buildings to increase their energy efficiency by 38%. You need to pay attention to the window frame to ensure adequate energy efficiency is achieved.  Ensure there are no gaps in the structure or joints as they allow water to penetrate and reduce the window’s energy efficiency.

To sum up, the differences between average and good quality double glazed windows are evident when you know what to look at? The guide provides you with important information that helps you buy double glazed windows that achieve significant energy savings at affordable prices.

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