5 sad effects of anxiety on your relationship

Depression and anxiety can affect anyone. Especially in this highly competitive world, where survival is tough, depression has become common. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America has found that around 6.8 million people are suffering from generalized anxiety disorder in the US.

5 sad effects of anxiety on your relationship

Depression can impact mental health, bring sadness, and generate suicidal thoughts. It can also cause your weight to fluctuate and contribute to insomnia. There are many effects of depression and anxiety. Living through depression isn’t easy as it can have a negative impact on your married life as well. Your partner also feels the sadness that you are going through which may cause relationship troubles.

Some of the ways in which mental health can affect your romantic relationships are:

Reduction in communication

People living in a state of depression or anxiety experience feelings of loneliness. For them the presence of a loving and supporting partner doesn’t matter.

Depressed people think that no one will understand their state of mind. Hence, they communicate less about their mental health. Communication is an important aspect of a relationship. Once communication reduces, there is no sharing of feelings, thoughts, or opinions. This makes the partner anxious and the marriage starts to fall. One option here would be to attend marriage therapy and learn different communication techniques. Even though it feels tough, try to communicate so that things work out for your relationship.

Reduction in sex drive

When you are depressed, your mood will be off no matter what. This also causes reduction in your libido. Sex is an important factor in a relationship. It keeps the romantic relationship bond intact. Once your libido has reduced, you won’t like being intimate.

Your partner might think that you are no longer attracted to him or her. They won’t feel loved as well. Your relationship will take a toll due to this reason. In such cases it is best to talk with your partner and explain why you are depressed. Clearly communicate that your reduced sex drive isn’t because you don’t have feelings for him or her. Mention this point to a qualified sexologist doctor as well and take the antidepressants that don’t reduce sex drive.

Uninspired in life

When you are depressed you feel unmotivated and uninspired. Social interactions reduce and you don’t feel like pursuing any hobby for mental relaxation. Every activity that you have to do, you try to ignore it. This has a big impact on your relationship with your partner.

If you don’t do something about it, your relationship will fail. It is advised to take small steps to get out of depression. This doesn’t sound that easy, but can be done. You just have to think positively and take proactive steps to improve mental health. Talks to a psychiatrist or go to therapy if required. 

Isolating behavior

People in depression generally withdraw into their world of sadness. They feel ashamed to talk about their feelings and mental state. They don’t realize that by doing this, they are disconnecting from their partner as well.

Once this happens, the romantic relationship starts getting strained. Your partner will also start moving away from you. If you aren’t able to talk to your partner, then leave written notes for them. Try to stay connected with them as best as you can. If your partner understands you, he or she will stand by you. Their love and support will play a pivotal role in getting you out of depression.  

Irritating behavior

In a depressed or anxious phase, people try to avoid things. Due to which their behavior turns somewhat violent. They become more nagging, short-tempered, cynical, and impatient. The negativity around them makes them do such things. It’s best to acknowledge that depression is affecting your behavior.

Your partner should be fully aware of your depressed state so that they can act accordingly. Else, there will be unwanted fights and heated discussions that will damage your relationship. Try to diffuse the situations before they blow up. Else, take help from a professional. Couples that navigate through tough times by supporting each other are the strongest. A bad phase of depression or anxiety can happen to anyone; thus it is important to deal with it properly.

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