Everything You Need To Know About San Marzano Tomatoes

With a few exceptions, whichever Italian dish is your first love, you cannot enjoy it the best without tomato sauce. From pizza to pasta, almost all Italian recipes call for perfect Italian tomato sauce. Italian dishes are being served with different types of sauces for centuries. 

Everything You Need To Know About San Marzano Tomatoes

The Italian climate is favorable to the cultivation of different varieties of tomatoes. Each variety of tomato has sub types. The region is Camoania is associated with the first Italian tomatoes. San Marzano is one of the most popular varieties grown in this region. It is a long shaped tomato that is considered the best for creating sauces. The region of Sicily is also famous for small and round tomatoes. However, in this article, we will learn about San Marzano tomatoes only. 

San Marzano canned tomatoes are used as an ingredient in sauces and many other Italian recipes. Many renowned chefs call them the most ideal tomatoes for sauces. You can easily spot these tomatoes with their elongated shape and bright red color. You might find that Roma tomato and San Marzano tomato have a similar appearance. 

However, San Marzano tomatoes are more pointed and thinner. These are plum-type tomatoes with less seeds and low acid content. You can peel them very easily. They have a complex, sweet flavor. You can use both fresh and canned San Marzano tomatoes in recipes. 

Seasons And Availability 

You can buy these tomatoes at a local market from mid to late summer. However, you can buy San Marzano canned tomatoes year-round.   

Some Facts About San Marzano Tomatoes 

This variety got its name from the place where it was grown, that is San Marzano Sul Sarno. All tomatoes including San Marzano tomatoes belong to the nightshade or Solanaceae family. The scientific name for San Marzano tomatoes is Solanum lycopersicum ‘San Marzano’. These tomatoes are further classified as plum-type tomatoes. They are also known as pear, paste, saladette, processing or sauce tomatoes. 

Nutritional Value 

They are cholesterol-free and low in calories. You can add them in your recipe to reap the benefits of Vitamin A and C. San Marzano tomato is also a great source of potassium, fiber and folate. Lycopene is an antioxidant compound found in these tomatoes. This compound can provide protection against heart disease and certain cancers. 


These tomatoes are the best for making sauces for pizza or pasta. When it comes to authentic Neapolitan pizza, this is the only variety of tomatoes that can be used.   

This variety is ideal for sauces and the canning process because of the following qualities: 

  • Minimal seeds
  • Firm flesh 
  • Elongated shape 
  • Lower juice content 
  • Ease of peeling 

You can easily slice them to use in sandwiches. You can chop them into salads. These are also excellent for drying. San Marzano tomatoes work well with basil, soft cheeses like Mozzarella and other Italian flavors. You can use them to make a sweet topping for bread. Slice the tomato thin, drizzle with olive oil and then roast at a lower temperature. Your tomato toppings are ready. You can layer the San Marzano slices with garlic onion and basil and then top with goat cheese to make a savory tart. 

History And Geography 

This variety originated near Naples. The nutrient-rich volcanic soil and the Mediterranean micro-climate is ideal for this variety. The high water table provides the necessary water supply. 

The commercialization of San Marzano started around 1875. The first cannery was built and then started shipping of canned tomatoes throughout Europe. Due to the rise of hybridization during the 1970s, the popularity declined. However, due to their heirloom flavor, they once regain popularity. 

And now, canned San Marzano tomatoes are shipped worldwide.

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