Everything You Need to Know About Sr22 Insurance

It is easy to wonder if you need the SR22 coverage when you get a citation. The very first thing to know about the SR22 is that it is not insurance at all. It is a certificate of a regular policy of auto insurance comes. It is used to reinstate the driving privileges and establish that your liability limits are adequate. SR22 is a type of coverage which pays for bodily injuries and property damage that others go through in an accident.

Sr22 Insurance

Most commonly, it is the insurance company that files the SR22 on your behalf along with the local Department of Motor Vehicles. It is only a severe violation that one acquires the SR22 insurance. In many states, people use the FR-44 form rather than the SR22. However, the liability limits can vary significantly.

The Technicalities of SR22 Auto Insurance

The SR22 certificate is usually asked to be produced by the local authority or court. It is the DMV department that notifies you regarding the order. Once you get to know about it, the insurance company needs to be informed about your requirement of an SR22 insurance certificate. Although all insurers do not issue this certificate, you will still find it with the majority of them. It requires a one-time payment for a certificate. While the validity of the certificate is for three years, the renewal will hardly need any additional payment.

When is an SR22 Auto Insurance Required?

When it comes to policies such as FR-44 and SR22 Insurance CaliforniaFlorida, Virginia will only ask for it if a serious violation has pushed the driver into the high-risk category. However, the specific regulations will vary according to the home state. Some of the common violations which invite SR22 certification are:

  • If a driver has committed a list of offenses within a short period. (E.g. More than two speeding tickets in less than six months)
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving without proper insurance cover
  • DWI or DUI convictions
  • A suspended or hardship license
  • Multiple at-fault violations or accidents
  • Non-payment of child support as per the court’s order.

Different types of SR22 Auto Insurance

Firstly, there is the owner type which is meant for drivers who also own the vehicle that they are operating.

Secondly, there is the operator type where only the drivers operating a vehicle without any ownership are covered. The vehicle may be borrowed or rented, and hence this insurance is often referred to as the non-owner SR22 insurance.

Thirdly, there is the operator/owner type which is a mixture of the above-mentioned categories. It is designed for drivers who operate vehicles they own and also borrowed or rented cars.

How long does one need to have SR22 insurance?

The exact time span depends on the regulations in the concerned state but it is usually between 2 to 5 years. Nonetheless, most states require it for 3 years at least. However, it is possible to lift the SR22 requirement, but certain procedures need to be followed. 

  • Ensure that your policy does not lapse or expire during the period you have SR22.In such a scenario, the government is informed by the insurance company, which results in further penalties.
  • Avoid committing additional violations that may encourage authorities to extend the period of SR22 requirement or increase the premium.

What is the cost of SR22 insurance?

The SR22 certificate is relatively inexpensive and costs between $17 to $25. Given it is a one time charge, this is what a driver pays for the entire time required to carry SR22. However, each person is charged separately for the policy. The only situation in which you may be required to pay more is when you allow your coverage to get lapsed. But compared to regular car insurance, the SR22 insurance quotes are quite expensive considering the high risk associated with it.

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