Uses of Face Mask Lanyards

The world is gradually recovering from the COVID-19 virus. For months, most countries had strict lockdowns in place to curb contact. Economies can’t be shut down forever. Governments had to start allowing businesses and industries to resume activity, albeit with restrictions. Most states have issued a statewide face mask mandate, among other rules. 

Face Mask Lanyards

Regardless of your reason to step out of the house, it will be best to protect yourself by using face masks. If you are the kind who often forgets where they put their mask, lanyards are the solution to your problem. Using a mask lanyard is now a reality. Your doctors recommend it too. Here’s why doctors also approve the use of lanyards for face masks. 

To Save Those Forgetful Ones from Contamination

This is the primary purpose of a lanyard. Many of us have moments when we forget where we placed little things like our glasses or keys. Lanyards were invented to avoid these moments. It can be when you can’t find these tiny but crucial items. So, investing in a lanyard or two is a good idea.

Saves Time and Embarrassment

You need to read some fine print on a can of beans and can’t seem to find your glasses. You are in your car and digging furiously through your pockets or purse and no keys. The latest among such moments are, you are about to get out of your car and don’t remember where you put your face mask. 

Such situations can have you emptying your pocket or purse contents in search of that all elusive item. A lanyard can be the remedy to such embarrassing cases. It becomes all the more important in public places as there is a greater risk of infection. 

Saves the Environment

When you are unable to locate your mask, you will purchase a new one. When you do find the old one later, it will end up in a landfill. Certain types of masks have a little bit of plastic in them, and we all know that plastic takes 450 years to decompose. Therefore, experts recommend reusable masks and a mask lanyard to ensure that you find it quickly when the need arises. 

An Unusual Way to Accessorize

Lanyards need not be worn around the neck. Dangle them from your belt loop, purse, pocket, belt or sash, or bracelet. You have the choice of colors, materials, sizes, and patterns. You can purchase more than one to match every occasion. Social distancing and wearing masks is mandatory in most settings. The restrictions are on socializing, not on style. Accessorize with a lanyard and make a style statement. 

Makes For a Practical Gift

Lanyards can be a very thoughtful gift for people of all ages. You can give them to kids as a birthday present. For people who regularly go out of the house, you can give them a hamper with multiple colors and patterns to suit all occasions. Overall, it is a multi-purpose item, and people will appreciate it and think about you every time they use it.  

Comfortable and Easy to Use

Lanyards are made from soft fabric and are comfortable on the neck. The material does not cause skin irritation even when working under sweaty conditions. They come with “J” hooks at each end that are easily attachable. The length is also adjustable to suit your needs. 

Face masks are a reality that the world will have to live with for a long time. Stepping out by following the precautionary measures can help you stay safe. When you need to remove your mask, you no longer have to worry about placing it on a dirty or contaminated surface. Using a mask lanyard can ensure that your mask is easily accessible when you need it.

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