Farrah Abraham Allegedly Assaulted by an Uber Driver

She was saved when her companion intervened and beat up the driver

Farrah Abraham Allegedly Assaulted by an Uber Driver

In December last year, Farrah Abraham, the famous reality TV star had revealed that she had been allegedly drugged, abused and raped by her fellow porn star James Dean. She also said that she was so traumatized by the episode that she had to undergo extensive therapy.

Abraham had said during an interview with an online newspaper that James Deen was pushy, manipulative and highly abusive when the duo dated for several months in 2013.

These claims by the young star had made her one of the eight women who had alleged that they had been sexually assaulted or raped by the 29 year old hunk. Deen is regarded as one of the most famous male porn stars. He had almost made it into the mainstream cinema.

Farrah Abraham, however, failed to elaborate on the circumstances that led to her rape, or when did it occur actually. What is more! She never went to the police with her complaint either. Her statements and jumping headfirst into the middle of the rape scandal did not do the real victims any good, rather it damaged the cause of the actual victims who were not getting any positive response with regard to their allegations.

Apparently, the 24 year old actress didn’t have her fill with one rape allegation. That is why she is doing it again. This time the culprit is an Uber driver. The poor man was severely beaten up by a person who was supposedly Abraham’.

Farrah Abraham said that her companion almost broke the window of the car. Even then, the Persian driver even chased her after the cops had arrived. Uber, on the other hand, has stated a completely different version of the story.

The driver complained to the company which swiftly banned her in response. Strangely, Farrah Abraham never reported the rape attempt on her by a driver to the company.

The spokesman for Uber recently said that they had no complaints from the passengers on the trip. He further said that Abraham’s rider account was suspended because it had been reported to the company that one of her companions on a trip had intentionally dumped a drink on the front seat.

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