Feeling Myself: Fabulous Performance by Beyonce at Tidal X event

When it comes to public appearance and glamorous looks Beyonce is not the one to stay behind or to compromise on her looks. Keeping her tradition alive on this Tuesday evening the 34 year old singing sensation hit marker and covered an extra mile in this aspect. The moment Beyonce stepped the audience got stunned by her jaw dropping look. She was looking absolutely exquisite wearing a plunging maroon dress, showing off her cleavage.

Feeling myself: Fabulous Performance by Beyonce at Tidal X event

The presence was for a Tidal X event that was held in New York City. The mother of one was wearing a gown, which had cut outs on the shoulders and a high slit, revealing her toned legs. The singer was also having a maroon and pink fur wrap around her arms that was adding more to her astonishing gazes.

Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles in a chat with The Breakfast Club radio show told that his daughter and another fellow pop star Pink are of the same age, i.e. 36 years, though this quite contrasts with Beyonce age which is 34 years as per her official page and several other celebrity blogs websites.

Her father also added that the beauty is also the same age as that of R&B singer Usher. Usher was born in October 1978. Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles used to manage her former band Destiny’s Child. All these comments from her father don’t seem to worry the pop star when she stepped out on Tuesday for the Tidal X event. She was in fact, leaving the situation, making photographs and giving sizzling possess.

The event was lucky enough to capture many other celebrity faces along with the siblings of a few. The wife of rapper Jay Z wore her hair in a high ponytail that made her look a bit like Barbara Eden from the late 1960s hit series I Dream of Jeannie. Oversized earrings in pink and charcoal gray that touched her shoulders stood out. Also at the event was Jay, who took the stage in a black top.

Nicki Minaj wowed in a plunging top that showed off her chest. She also had on a leotard with black tights. Minaj is considered as the most influential female rapper of all time. Since Minaj broke up with Pink Friday she is much leaning towards the rapper Lil’ Kim. Rick Ross, who wore red leather, brought his girlfriend.

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