Top five fitness trends to follow in the year 2020

Fitness Trends for 2020 – The world is more and more competitive every passing moment. Nowadays, if you are good at one thing, it doesn’t you can ignore the rest of the fields of life. In order to stay relevant, not only to do, you need to keep your work ethic top-notch; you need to stay physically and mentally fit as well.

Fitness Trends for 2020

In fact, only when you are physically fit and smart in your appearance, can your personality become another reason people listen to you. In the digitally advanced ad highly tech-reliant world, you need to keep up the health fitness trends in order to look smart and leave a mark with a smart personality.

This article aims to highlight the key trends in the realm of physical health fitness trends for 2020 that you must follow in the year 2020.

Five fitness trends not to ignore in the year 2020

Fitness is a priority of most professionals of all fields in the current era. Thus people are becoming increasingly aware of the most suitable path to reach their fitness goals. Some of these are preferred by most of the population of the world and are thus collectively forming the modern-day trends in the realm of the fitness world. These trends for the current world are as follows:

1. Wearable devices

Tech giants are just catering to modern-day needs. Pedometer apps in android, as well as IOS devices, are very common since the past decade. Coming to recent times, take the example of Apple smartwatch. All you to do is wear the watch, and it measures your heart rate and evaluates the number of calories that you burn in a given day. When you are wearing a device that is measuring your step count, taking a live reading on your walk, jog, or running routines, you can easily assess your routine and make amends based on the stats.

2. Group training

When you work in groups, the individual effort required reduces significantly. While that’s not exactly how group training helps with fitness. But when you train in a group of four or five people, you can easily get into a routine. You are in for the healthy competition and will have a higher chance of being held accountable for your progress. You can easily find a strength training or yoga class in your town where you start your fitness routine in a small group. This will enable you to grown and workout with a tribe-like mentality.

3. All in one Individual training

Exercise and Fitness – Fitness concerns vary for everyone. But it generally involves diet, your exceptional health conditions, and catering to your distinct physical needs. All of this would require you to see a different kind of expert. But nowadays, people are looking for experts who fulfill all these needs in one place. This has become a trend in the UAE, where people have rapidly been getting rid of their obesity issues. Fitness enthusiasts are relying on weight loss centers in Dubai for nutritional help, fat-burning exercises, and weight training. 

4. Free weight training

In 2020, free weight training remains one of the top trends among fitness enthusiasts. Especially a specific category of strength training is the most popular nowadays. This includes employing dumbbells, kettlebells, free weights, as well as medicine balls.  

If you are interested in following this trend, there’s good news. You can do it for your self as well if you cannot attend a class for it. The principle of weight training is to make sure you undergo each kind of exercise and give it proper time.

5. HIIT routine

HIIT stands for High-intensity interval training. It has been a trend for some time now and continues to be among the trends for the year 2020 as well. This involves a drill of thirty minutes or less. It is also called resistance training, which is very helpful in fat burning. It incorporates the application of pressure on certain body parts and makes them immune to the pressure applied to them.

Cardiovascular exercise is also an important part of HIIT. You can acquire HIIT at any fitness facility, whether you are in the US or the UAE.  

Follow the fitness trends now!

Jumping the bandwagon in case everything is definitely not recommended. But fitness is one thing every human being must prioritize. Thus choose the trend which seems the most suitable in your case. Seek experts and be persistent in your weight loss efforts as you embark on them.

Health is wealth, preserve it!

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