Interesting Facts That You Must Know About Football

Interesting Football Facts – Football also is known as ‘Soccer’ is the most popular sport in the whole of Europe! Not only Europe, but people also enjoy watching and playing this sport all over the world! Be its FIFA or just the league matches – football fans never want to miss a single game.

Interesting Football Facts

If you are reading this article then you must be a curious soccer fan who loves to keep track of everything about this sport. Most of football know everything about the football rules, teams, and players, etc. However, there are certain facts that only a few football fans know! Well, relax, as we are going to explain the 5 most interesting, uncommon and bizarre facts about soccer! 

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1.Oldest Sports Standing:

You would be surprised to know that Football aka Soccer is one of the oldest sports in the history of mankind. It is believed that this sport was discovered around 3000 years ago. However, the Europeans started playing this game about 150 years ago – when several clubs in England first formed a Football Association. Both men and women participated equally in the game. But women football gained the spotlight back in 1900. 

2. Rubble Filled Soccer Ball:

Do you know how the first soccer ball was manufactured? Where it was manufactured? China and Europe! The Chinese used sewn clothing and filled it with lots of rubbles to made the perfect ball. On the other hand, the Europeans used the inflated pig bladders to manufacture the soccer balls for their players. You don’t need to stress about this, as soccer balls are no more manufactured using these materials. Today soccer balls are manufactured using vulcanized rubber.

3. Soccer Ball Is Not Just An “Ordinary Ball!’

The design and the color pattern of the soccer ball have always been fascinating. But do you know the real logic behind those octagonal panels? We bet, you don’t! A soccer ball contains 32 panels – each representing a country in Europe. Furthermore, all the soccer balls are in an oval shape and do not form a perfect circle. 

4. A Whole Team Was Killed On The Field:

Once the whole football team was killed on the field due to bad weather. The lightning struck the ground and all the eleven players of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were killed by this tragic event. 

5. Some Facts About Players:

Most people think that Pele is the ‘Top Goal Scorer’ in the history of football. Well, to your shock, this record is held by another Brazilian player – Arthur Friedenreich. He is known to score 1,329 goals in a year – that held for 26 years! Moreover, Sergio Ramos has the record for the most cards. Currently, he has the score of 274 cards and gets a card every 2.3 soccer games.

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