Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Business Partners

Gift Ideas for Your Business Partners – Without your business partners, you and your company probably wouldn’t be this successful in a million years. They probably spent a lot of time discussing projects and coming up with business strategies with you, so they deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. And what better way to show your recognition than with a gift? But, be careful—you want to surprise them with something appropriate, professional and useful.

Gift Ideas for Your Business Partners

If you’re not a great gift-giver, here are a few ideas for business partners that will definitely not end up in the trash or somewhere in your local Goodwill. Each one of these gifts shows your appreciation in an appropriate way, so they will see that you made an effort to surprise them and make their life better and easier. Feel free to steal some of these ideas!

Zen garden

If you know your business partner struggles with stress, then provide them with a mini Zen garden. This cheap yet beautifully relaxing novelty offers a perfect mental escape from the hustle and bustle of work, so your partner can take a quick break from the rigor of the work. Get them a Zen garden that fits on a desk, so they can serve both as decoration and a tool for active relaxation. They will use it after meetings, during conference calls or any time they want to relax and gather their thoughts.


Gifts for business professionals – All serious professionals are interested in the growth and development of their skills and knowledge, so you can freely gift them a personal development book that’s connected to your field of work. If you specialize in a certain area, a new reference book is a perfect gift. On the other hand, if there’s no new reading in your field, you can always resort to a beautiful coffee table book connected to your business partner’s cause, hobby or interest.

Wall art

Did you see your business partner’s office? If you remember what it looks like, you can easily help them work on their office aesthetics and gift them a piece of art. But how to choose something they will like? Rewind your conversations and see whether they talked about a favorite destination, pets, cars or other things with passion. If you can’t recall anything that you know sparks their interest, you can visit your local gallery and choose a pretty piece. Who knows, maybe they will be able to earn good money on your gift one day!

Gift cards

Even though not so creative, gift cards are always a great gift. But don’t be boring with Apple or Amazon gift cards. If you work in the city, you can get an Uber gift card to make their commute easier. Or if you know they don’t get time to cook that often, a takeout gift card will definitely be used regularly.


If you decide to give your business partner a wallet, it’s a great premonition that your professional relationship will be prosperous and full of money. But, stay away from those old-fashioned and cheap-looking wallets. In order to impress your gift recipient, get them an elegant card holder wallet that will keep all their credit cards or business cards in check. These wallets are sleek and practical and will come in handy for every businessperson. Some even come with a money clip so it’s suitable even for old-school people who think cash is king!

Power bank

Today’s businesspeople carry a lot of tech, from smartphones to laptops and tablets. So provide them with a way to stay connected and powered up with a practical power bank. This little device provides backup power that will ensure continuous connectivity, so you two can always stay in touch.


This small Bluetooth tracking device attaches to phones, laptops, keys or wallets so your gift recipient can always locate them. Tile uses an app to find your misplaced or lost items which can be a great help when you’re in a hurry to catch a flight or make it to a business meeting. For an even more effective gift, you can get a Tile device decorated with your or your partner’s company logo—it’s a thoughtful touch.

Portable UV sanitizer

Times are tough and everyone’s trying to stay healthy. One of the best ways to ensure safety is to practice good sanitizing habits. With a portable UV sanitizer you can kill bacteria and germs from various small items you use every day like phone, pens, keys and other things.

Coffee or tea blends

Break room coffee can be absolutely horrible, so if you don’t want to force your business partner to drink something stale and tasteless, be an office hero and provide them with a basket of gourmet coffee or tea. For a local and personalized touch to your gift, create a custom box of coffee roasted at a specific location or tea from your city’s best tea house.

Event tickets

Sometimes, experiences are the best gift, so instead of grabbing something material, opt for something that has a lot deeper meaning. For instance, you can provide your business partner with tickets to watch their favorite sports team or opt for an opera or ballet performance at your local theater. This gift will provide your partner with loads of fun (with you or with their spouse) and show that you pay attention to their hobbies and interests.

Online classes

A gift of learning is always a great present, so why not opt for an online class subscription? Today, you can find excellent online classes held by experts in their area. You can learn SEO from experts like Neil Patel, mixing music from Deadmau5, photography from Annie Leibovitz and cooking from Gordon Ramsay. These experts and their tips will definitely help your gift recipient develop their skills (or just give them an opportunity to chat with their celebrity inspiration).

Choosing the perfect gift for your business partners is tricky but without any reason. As long as you know one or two things about them, you can find the right gift for them and show that you value your partnership and wish to continue your business relationship.

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