7 Essential Tips for Gig Economy Workers

There is a whole shift of the economy towards the digital side. Many people have turned away from regular jobs and became independent contractors or consultants on various online platforms.

This article has collected helpful tips and tricks for beginner gig jobs workers. It will help you quickly get used to this field, reach a steady income and develop steadily.

Gig Economy Workers

1. Constantly looking for new customers

Even if you have a lot of work now, it’s not a fact that there will be stable orders tomorrow. Therefore, even in the case of a full download, do not stop searching for new customers.

Perhaps you will find on the exchanges or forums for gig economy jobs an interesting order with long terms, which you can do after the completion of the current work. Not looking at information about new orders, you run the risk of missing a profitable project.

Constantly look for opportunities to promote your services. Post information about yourself in groups on social networks, directories of gig economy jobs.

2. Find reliable helpers

It is advisable for each gig worker to have 2-3 assistants, who, if necessary, can be entrusted with part of their work or urgent order, for the maintenance of which you do not have enough time. These should be reliable people whose quality of work is at a sufficient level.

Browse new profiles in gig economy jobs catalogs. Look for interesting people with whom you can collaborate or work together.

3. Master related industries

Expanding the scope of your business, you expand the range of orders that you can take into work. For example, an SEO copywriter may offer services for posting articles and press releases on the Internet, because your customers are interested in getting high-quality links to promote their sites.

For example, on the Internet, there is a site Prnews.io . Through this site, you can post press releases on well-known information sites and in the media. How can you build a business with this site if you are engaged in SEO-copywriting?

Offer clients a service for writing and posting press releases with links to their sites. Pick up a few inexpensive sites with good performance for the client, and make an extra charge of 10-15% of the cost of accommodation.

Post press releases through the site, receiving money for writing texts and a commission for the placement equal to your margin to the price of the site (10-15%).

4. Find partners

It is useful for gig economy job holders to make friends among professionals working in related industries. For example, a familiar web designer might recommend a copywriter friend to fill a new site with unique texts, and a familiar optimizer might recommend a person working on PR on the Internet. This is a good opportunity to receive orders through recommendations.

Do not forget to recommend your acquaintances to clients so that friendship is not one-sided. Be always honest with partners.

5. Save money

We live in an unstable world, so a gig worker needs to have the means to live in the event of a temporary outage or lack of orders. It is optimal to have available funds necessary for life for 6-12 months.

Unfortunately, no one is safe from illness and similar situations. A gig worker is a person who needs to think about his future.

6. Take loans only as a last resort

If possible, buy all the things in cash. Taking loans is not profitable due to high interest rates. A gig economy job is able to make money on many things with his labor, without the help of loans.

If the employer is obliged to pay the salary on time to the office employee, then clients may delay fees. However, if you delay the payment of a loan, you will be fined. It is not profitable for you.

7. Be financially literate

Many financial problems can be solved by studying the basics of financial literacy. Follow simple recommendations and tips:

A minimum of 10% of what is earned is best put aside in the reserve, for example, on a deposit in a bank. Update equipment in advance without waiting for breakdowns and costly repairs. For reason No. 2, it is better to plan large purchases in advance and save money on them. Eliminate impulsive shopping in stores. Properly manage finances without borrowing

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