Document Checklist for Digital Technology Endorsement in Global Talent Visa

A Global Talent Visa is the immigration route for promising individuals to work or run a business in the UK if the individual is a leader or potential leader in academia or research, arts and culture, and digital technology. If the individual applying for a Global Talent Visa, he or she must get an endorsement from Tech Nation.

global talent visa checklist

However, in order to allow the application to be assessed, the applicant must provide all the documents to closely examine skills, abilities, as well as achievements. 

  • A Tech Nation Visa Application Form which includes a personal statement written by the applicant where it is clearly explained his or her intended contribution to the UK digital technology sector. The statement must also include answers to the questions like the reason to come to the UK, planned occupation in the UK, and region or city he or she is planning for accommodation. 
  • Curriculum Vitae where it is clearly defined as the applicant’s career as well as relevant publication history. 
  • Three letters of recommendation certified by three distinguished members of different organisations from the digital technology sector. However, the signatories must be familiar with the individual’s contribution and qualified to validate the individual’s claim to be a leader or potential leader. These letters must not be hand-written, demonstrate organisation’s registered address and logo, support the Global Talent application, signed by an authorised member of the organisation, details of how the expert knows the individual, individuals’ achievements in the field, how the UK will be benefited by living in the UK,  any future professional engagements, and clear accommodation details 
  • 10 Pieces of evidence which must include one key and two qualifying criteria, active businesses established which have been commercially successful or how you satisfy the criteria of endorsement. Please note that the applicant must clearly state how supporting documents will be used in relation to the relevant eligibility criteria. 

Key Criteria 

  • To stand key criteria, the applicant must provide pieces of evidence to prove significant product-led digital technology that he or she has established as a founder or senior executive which has been dissolved in the last five years or successfully active. For relevant evident, the individual can provide evidence of innovation or product development, evidence of business which includes audited accounts, documents to show domestic and/ or international sales, and documents of the employment contract with clear salary information. 
  • The individual must demonstrate work outside the immediate occupation either of the following evidence like a contribution to an Open Source project, GitHub profile that shows active participation, Stack Overflow profile, a link to the video of talks or conferences, news articles, or evidence of mentorship. 

Qualifying Criteria 

  • To demonstrate technical contribution, the individual can provide an employment contract with salary information, a letter from an employer along with required letters of endorsement, supportive documents, product designs or architecture diagram, or a GitHub account which must contain lines of code. For commercial or entrepreneurial contributions, the individual can provide documents to show sales pipeline built and delivered, leads generated, growth generated, and processes implemented. 
  • To demonstrate leading talent in the digital technology sector, an individual can provide evidence of recognition either with a well-reviewed book on digital technology, evidence in the form of leading industry experts, news clippings, or lines of code. 
  • To demonstrate continuous learning of new commercial or technical digital skills, individuals can provide evidence of having continuously updated commercial or technical skills, evidence of learning tools like experimenting with new technologies, evidence to support up-to-date knowledge about the sector trends, and evidence of recent software expertise or domain knowledge. 
  • To demonstrate exceptional ability in the field of academic contributions through research by providing evidence of significant contribution with the help of paper published in a top-tier journal, evidence of award achieved through exceptional applied work, or a letter of support from an expert in the area of expertise validating the individual’s potential. 

Application for the Endorsement stage can take up to 8 weeks. If the individual is successful in obtaining endorsement from Tech Nation, then he or she can proceed for the visa where Tech Nation is not involved. The Home Office will further consider immigration aspects which can take a time span of 3 weeks. 

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