Go Green Like a Celebrity

Plenty of high-profile celebrities have chosen to support environmental causes and lead eco-friendly lives. They have learnt a certain glamor to the cause, as well as substantial amounts of cash. There’s no denying that they are acting as role models when they do, and the cash that they have put forward to pave the way can help you follow in their footsteps. This article is here to help convince you to go green like a celebrity

Green Construction

First of all, many celebrities choose to live in eco-friendly apartments and houses. A home solar system isn’t just for the rich and famous; many companies in your area can offer you quotes on how to install one. And going green doesn’t begin and end with where your energy comes from. It also includes where your water comes from. Most importantly, it includes how much water and energy your home uses. You can save the planet at the same time you save on your utility bill. 

Green Campaigning

When a celebrity endorses a campaign to help the environment, they can get the word out to a lot of people, but getting the word out is meaningless if you have no way to act upon it. You are the one who acts, and you have a greater ability to pressure your friends and neighbors to do the same. Celebrities have reach, but it is the collective actions of individuals like you who create real impact in communities and in the world. 

Green Fashion

One area where you can have an impact is in the clothes you choose to buy. You can buy secondhand to reduce waste, or make a point of buying from labels that use less harmful manufacturing methods. Remember that any clothes that are made to be disposed at the end of the season are by their very nature bad for the environment. Buying better quality isn’t just good for your appearance, it’s good for the environment. 

Green Food

Going green like a celebrity means you watch what they eat, and so should you. This is hardly a revolutionary thought, but while you’re thinking about how you’ll look on camera or at the beach, it’s also worth thinking about where your food comes from and where it goes. You already think about what chemicals or pesticides might be in your vegetables and other food products, but how often do you think about how far they’ve come? The more your food travels, the more preservatives it needs in order to stay fresh, and the larger the carbon footprint created by transporting it. One of the best things you can do for the environment is to buy local wherever possible. 

Green Living

All these things come together to create a green lifestyle. Activism is just the outward-facing part. More impactful are the small things you do every day: buying eco-friendly products, reducing your everyday waste, choosing to buy local and live green. You are the one making a difference, celebrities are just doing what they can to get the word out. 

Green Investment

One area where you may think there’s no way you can match a celebrity contribution is through investment. The likelihood that you have or can raise money at the same level a celebrity can is pretty small, but don’t discount the value of your small investments. This isn’t just about donating to causes you believe in, it’s also about paying that little bit extra to get a product that will last longer, use less energy or have less of a negative impact on the environment. Many of these products cost a little bit more up-front, but don’t forget that just as many of them will actually save you money in the long run. 

Ultimately, going green like a celebrity isn’t really about looking good or saving money, it’s about saving the planet. You should do it because it’s the right thing to do. A celebrity’s endorsement has reached, but in the end they are only one person. Your endorsement, your actions and the actions of those around you is what really makes an impact. 

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