Google Officially Announces Android M – Its Latest OS

A rumor or news spreading for the past few days has now been officially confirmed as first official appearance of Android M, and it compromises completely of elusive developments that assured to make by Android 6.0 even better than before. It’s a complete new look, not innovative—but perfect which is precisely what Android 6.0 desires to be.

Google Officially Announces Android M - Its Latest OS

According to the Google VP of engineering Dave Burke familiarized Android M at Google I/O this daybreak and made it clear the advancement errands affluence over flash, and making the user involvement improved in every way.

First and primary reason as Android Pay will display completely on handsets when Android 6.0 ships. They claim that they have got all the apps on Android Pay here.

It is official that more than 700,000 stores are now crinkled up to maintenance the mobile expenditures system. This is not it, the fingerprint sustenance is also coming. Just like it works with iPhones, you can crack devices, can easily make Play Store buying, as well as verify an Android Pay purchase just by touching your finger to the hardware reader.

Android M will also put Google Now everywhere in Android phones. With a long-press of the home button inside just about any app, you can obtain appropriate references or help for whatsoever you’re using your phone to do; if you’re delete of hangouts, for example, and can’t choose where to get dinner, long-press can now be easily activate.

Now to give you restaurant thoughts or more info about where you want to go just chose the app and give them the detail.

Good news for the regular customers is to have extended battery life and quicker charging. Phones will flinch drowsy in replacement style while not in use and will twofold your consecutively time liken to plans consecutively Android L. Now the M release will see Android phones accept USB-C connectors.

Google is occupied with sufficient hardware producers to accept the standard, which can now increase battery life and decrease charge times.

The endorsements promotion also resources the dialogue box that inquires if you want to avert with a URL or open somewhat in-app will modify letting designers to settle a URL and repeatedly send to their apps.

Android M also will assist apps networking to the Web and to other apps that make it perfect for use. But there is a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff going but what it means for customers is taking step towards better apps.

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