How To Embed Google Reviews On Your Shopify App?


As many brands and businesses are building their eCommerce stores or online shop with Shopify App, it is a great platform to increase sales and revenues for your brand. However, the growing competition increasing hindrances for a brand to sell.

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The major hurdle that every business is facing whether online or offline is the increase in trust issues among customers.

In this growing competition, every brand is praising themselves, offering various benefits of their products, best prices, quality, etc. It becomes hard for customers to believe in which brand and use whose products or services.

Thus, here comes the role of customer reviews that build a social proof of your brand, help new customers to buy your products or services you are selling to them.

Google Review Widget is what makes things possible for you. Explore how it will be beneficial for your Shopify store and what are tools you can use to embed Google Reviews into your Shopify App.

But Why To Add Google Reviews?

You and I both do the same before buying anything online, checking Google reviews and see what the experience of customers is. Reviews change the whole perspective of customers, sometimes the product seems dull to you, may change when so many people are giving positive feedback for that product.

Google Reviews are known for their accuracy, validity, and trustworthiness, supporting the customers to freely write their genuine feedback online.

Moreover, Google doesn’t allow anonymous reviews and is strongly against bad practices that provide fake reviews by spamming.

These features make Google trustworthy for customers and create a huge impact that generates sales for brands and businesses with a higher number of Google Reviews.

Always remember that people only spend their money when they find positive reviews from real-life customers and their experience with the brand.

If your customers cannot find any reviews for the product or services you are selling, it results in no selling.

Hence, Google reviews what you can use to enhance your customer experience, boost sales, and increase revenue with your brand.

5 Tools to Embed Google Reviews On Shopify App

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is a tool that helps brands to fetch Google Reviews and represent them on the Shopify app in a code-free method. It is intelligible with various functionalities that allow brand owners to represent customer reviews using themes and designs that jam with their website layout.

One amazing benefit of using Tagembed s that you can use its plugin exclusively designed for the Shopify app. With Tagembed Shopify Plugin you can directly create a Google Reviews widget on the backend of your website and embed it on your Shopify app in a single click.

2. Reputon

This tool provides features to add Google Reviews and Ratings that promote your website, increase customer trust, improve SEO, and build a reputation for your business. It helps you create a beautiful-looking Google Review widget for your website.

With this tool, you can add a Google rating badge, testimonial slider, feedback carousel, and other review platforms icons to make your customer’s reviews more useful and valuable to your potential buyers.

3. Elfsight

Another tool you can use to add Google Reviews on your Shopify website or App is Elfsight, which is easy to use the tool. You can utilize this tool to display Google Review with the name, picture, and ratings and provide a redirect link on the original review to your Shopify app visitors.

You can access various features that allow you to make alluring looking Google Review widget that grabs the attention of your customers and give them important information in a beautiful design style.

4.  Adnabu, Inc

Another way to enhance your website with the useful Google Customer Reviews on your Shopify App is with Adnabu, Inc. It provides brands with the survey opt-in feature to collect reviews from customers by requesting to place their valuable feedback with Google.

Your customers will get a list of Top Sellers in the market, check their profile, other customer ratings, and allow customers to give their feedback on any brand/s they like. This allows your customers to give feedback to your company who have purchased your product. When your customers see your brand with other top-rated brands, they are more likely to give good reviews and high ratings to your brand.

5. Setubridge

Another tool to enhance customer loyalty by enhancing the review process on your website is with Setubridge. It also offers you similar functionality like Adnabu, Inc to take the survey and add Google Reviews on the website eloquently.

Brands can add a badge of Google Reviews and Ratings on their Shopify store with an easy integration of code script with complete support from their developers.

Last Words…

These are some of the five beneficial tools to add Google Reviews to your website directly from your customers. You can build amazing looking Google Review widget that includes feedback with the name, picture of your genuine customers.

Hence Google Review is increasing your brand awareness, building a reputation, and increase social proof of your brand directly on your Shopify Application or Store.

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