How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster For Your Longest Locks Ever

Hair growth vitamins – Who does not want gorgeous Rapunzel-like hair? While a few people are fortunate enough to be born with floor- touching and shiny, smooth hair, others need to be unhurried and deliberate in their hair care approach.

 hair growth vitamins

Well, here is a fact (pun intended).

Obtaining beautiful and voluminous locks overnight is impossible. Still and all, we can propel the process of growing luscious hair. Here is how to do that!

1. Little Things Matter

Often we are too drained from our errands that we might get tempted not to comb our hair before going to bed. But this should not be practiced. Un-brushing your hair at regular intervals keeps it naturally hydrated.

2. Loosen Up A Bit

Habitually wearing tight hair bands can cause unwanted breakage of hair. And it might even lead to causing pain in certain portions of the scalp where the applied pressure is extra.

3. Eat Right

Believe it or not, what you munch has as much role in governing your hair growth as any other maneuvering product that requires explicit appliance.

Your daily diet should comprise sufficient hair growth vitamins like Vitamin A, B, and C.

In addition to this, minerals like iron also promote healthier strands.

Biotin and Vitamin D are considered to be the best vitamins for hair loss, and that is why food items that contain these must be a part of your routine. Walnuts and dairy products are some examples.

4. Wash Less And Trim More?

Trimming your hair is a good option provided that they are damaged. Chopping your hair frequently does speed up its growth, but that is not a mandatory clause. If your hair is healthy and free from split ends, you can wait for sometime before you go for a trim. Additionally, one should never wash the hair more than twice or thrice a week since shampoos make the hair dry.

5. Be Sure Of The Products You Use

The influx of hair vitamins has attracted quite some attention in the recent times. But are they efficacious? As long as the product you use does not contain any synthetic ingredients which may distress your hair ( for example, sulfates), you can use these hair growth supplements. Thus, do your research before using something new to you.

6. Overstyling Is A Hard No

Every one of us has the urge to look appealing in flowy locks of long healthy hair, but excessive use of styling and heating hair equipment mutilates it. Natural hair is a way better than damaged, frizzy hair. Moreover, one must prefer air drying instead of using dryers and blowers.

7. Switch To Silk

Yes! You read it right. 

Silk prevents hair from tangling and becoming brittle. Henceforth, use a silk pillow to sleep.

8. Comb Correctly

Three things one should keep in mind are:

  • Do not brush wet hair. That is when they are prone to break the most.
  • Use a comb with a wide-tooth instead of a regular brush.
  • Start brushing from the ends and gradually reach the roots.

9. Scalp Simulation

Massaging your hair may seem old school, but it remains one of the most advantageous methods when it comes to growing lustrous long locks. Use a good hair growth oil to massage your scalp at least twice a week. This practice leads to better circulation of blood and opened pores. Lavender, jojoba, and coconut oils are said to be quite beneficial.

10. Pantry Product Rinse

Egg and yogurt hair treatments may sound eccentric, but the results are astonishing.

Consider applying any one of these for 10-15 minutes before you take a shower, and you will never feel the need for extensions.

11. Avoid Coloring

Bleaching, going blonde or applying unusual shades of dyes to your hair is pretty much in trend. But chemically processing your hair affects its strength as well as thickening.

12. Cease Clogging

Your hair should be free from dirt and product amassing. Hence, use lesser products like dry shampoo.

13. Flake Off

Exfoliating your scalp every once in a while is crucial for elevating the regular hair growth time. Spas are not at all a wrong choice, given the services are not availed excessively.

14. Last But Not The Least, Try Out A Leave-In Conditioner!

A leave-in conditioner moisturizes hair and creates the required environment for the growth of healthy hair strands.

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