Hamas played Personal Agenda during Gaza War

In today’s international news a new angle has surfaced leading accusations on the militant Hamas group of kidnaping, brutalizing and murder poor Palestinians last year in the time of war in Gaza Strip , leading some of the activities towards the war crimes.

Hamas played Personal Agenda during Gaza War

A detailed report is issued by the Amnesty International about the manipulations precisely describing the detail of abduction, suffering and killings of Palestinians clearly by Hamas forces through the 2014 Gaza/Israel fight.

One of the major and solid sources like London-based human rights group mentioned some 23 Palestinians who were shot and slayed and many more were detained and contrived by Hamas, which controls Gaza. It is becoming clearer now that the Palestinians who were targeted were either political opponents of Hamas, counting members of the Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, or individuals the militant group had blamed of aiding.

According to Amnesty International:

“This was considered to be one of the most dreadful events, six men were openly executed by Hamas forces outside of al-Omari mosque and the worst thing is in front of hundreds of viewers, containing children. After this incident, Hamas had proclaimed the men were alleged traitors who had been condemned to death by the radical courts.

The witnesses describes the scene as hooded men were hauled along the floor to bent down by a wall fronting the crowd, then every person was shot in the head separately before a whole clip of bullets fired from an AK-47 emptied on them..

It seems that Hamas took advantage of the war and cruelly resolve scores, conducting out a sequence of illegal killings and other grave cruelties. These horrifying activities, some of which sum to war offenses, were intended to strict retaliation and blowout fear through the Gaza Strip.

According to the latest report it was mentioned 16 of the people slayed by Hamas were previously being detained by the militant group when the war break out and numerous of them were coming up to catch the decision of their Hamas-organized hearings. Several of them had been condemned to death before courts whose hearings are totally one-sided.

This was one of the many reports by the Amnesty on the 2014 Gaza war. This was the plan in Gaza toward civilian parts in Israel, saying that was a violation of international law. After that in in December, again Amnesty International condemned Israel for destroying four landmark constructions in the concluding days of the war.

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