HealthFusion: A Complete Review

When it comes off the topmost electronic health records MediTouch is the leading name that strikes our mind. MediTouch is actually an innovative creation by HealthFusion that offers electronic health records and practice management for the doctors. The software has emerged as a great help for doctors and other medical practicians that makes it easy to search on various topics such as orthopedics, obstetrics, surgical centers, family medicine, cardiology, pediatrics and much more.HealthFusion

Features of HealthFusion 

If you are really willing to explore the world with the top-class medical services, the software is really a great tool to admire on. It makes users absolutely easy to handle everything right from the front office schedules to sending claims. Here is the list of some features that you can enjoy on.

  • History: The tool perfectly enables users to know about the history of the present illness. The section includes Q/A forms where one can easily take help of a specialist to allow assistance to the main users so that he/she could ask about your queries and can let them perfectly resolved.
  • In-built potential: It is an integrated patient potential that offers access to the uses over their medical records through a private and secure portal. You can easily track for your health history and can request for the medication refills here.
  • Medical charting: HealthFusion offers cloud-based Medi-Touch system that helps users by offering access from anywhere. The tool is really a great savor for the time that you can conveniently use for easy medical charting. Adding more to it the tool also includes a wide range of medical specialties to the uses.
  • Surgery plans: Whether it is about taking up your surgery or its time to look at the pre and post-surgery plans, the HealthFusion is really a great source that can make everything easier for you. The tool includes patient information in along with the pre-loaded templates.
  • Costing: HealthFusion asks for no publishing fees, no cost and no training fees to the users. The updated profiles are being provided with the related fee information usually. Moreover, the payment process is also quite easier. The integrated payment option is there that streamline the billing system conveniently.

HealthFusion is not now grabbing the best business bureau tag but its profile has been updated with A+ rating by its happy customers. The customization processes are quite easy to use, budget-friendly and include faster setup process.

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