Hire Dedicated developer v/s Freelancer developer

Software and application development work always need good dedication. Any organization always has a dedicated developer. But from the last time, some so many experts work as freelancer developers. Most organizations hire a dedicated developer but freelancer has also become their cup of tea.

Whether it is a dedicated developer or a freelance developer, the operation is the same. Still, there is a wide difference between both of them. But first, have a brief introduction of both terms.

Dedicated developer:

Any software company hire a dedicated developer for full time. They are bounded with strict office hours, a particular place and quality constraints. In short, they need to obey the office rules.

A dedicated team is always bringing out continued development work. They work for the long term project and often support the client. There could be a direct integration of client and dedicated developer.

As it is about the company, there is a legal agreement between the organization and the dedicated developer.

Freelancer developer:

Mostly for the short term project, organizations hire freelance developers. Their commitment is valid until the project completion.

Freelancer developers often don’t have direct interaction with the client. They charge per hour.

Difference between freelancer developer and dedicated developer

There is quite a difference between a freelance developer and dedicated developer. The main difference is based on the rate and nature of work.


The payment of the dedicated developer is based on a monthly salary. It is fixing as per the industrial norms. On the other side, the freelancer developer works based on per hour. The rate could be dynamic and there are a lot of negotiable criteria.

Nature of work

Dedicated developers work for fix hours. The freelancer developer has flexible working hours. There is no fix working hours for them. Regardless of the time and place he or she could work from anywhere. Remote work is available in the freelancer only.

Freelancer doesn’t work under any rule and guidelines. A dedicated team is always bound to work under a strict environment of professionalism.

The strict professionalism is a lack in freelancing approach.

Factors to decide freelancer developer and dedicated developer

Deciding to hire a freelancer or a dedicated developer is not difficult to work. There are some factors which you need to consider. These factors are important because based on them you can make your operation easy.


When talking about dedication, the dedicated developer performs well with tight deadlines. Sometimes freelance developers also face deadlines but the dedicated team could focus better.

If you are seeking for a strict time limit and expecting the project on time it is often better to hire a freelancer.

Project complexity

This is the major factor for choosing a freelancer and a dedicated developer. If the project is complex then it is for sure you must choose a dedicated developer team.

However, for a simple project, you can choose a freelancer.

The long term project always requires a full-time team. For the short term project, you can take a chance for the freelancer.


When an organization hires a dedicated team it is easy to monitor and have an insight into the work. You can keep an eye on the dedicated developer whereas this criterion is absent in the freelancer developer.

When it comes about security, you only have to consider a dedicated developer. With this, you can keep an eye as he or she is working in front of your eye.


Expertise is an important factor when it comes to hiring a developer. Many freelancers work with many projects and for clients so they could be expert in their work. But professionalism can get with the dedicated developer as they work with the office environment in an organization.


The availability of the freelancer is limited but the dedicated developers are employed to work on good availability. You must be sure that your developer could able to handle the issues. Fixing the bugs and errors efficiently is more important in the development field.

If you need good availability for your project, then choose a dedicated developer. Freelancer developer or dedicated developer which one is better?

Dedicated developer and freelancer developer both have their value. If you value the project and overall operation the dedicated developer is your best choice.

On the other hand, if you are seeking a cheap operation then you could choose a freelance developer.

If you are looking for a clear methodology to gain the daily task you must choose a dedicated team. The level of commitment is better in dedicated development. Therefore the more success could be seen in the dedicated one.

Always keep in mind that you have to hire developer for product development. So hire the right candidate when going for a freelancer.

Many times the freelancer could be waste of time and money. It is because it is hard to get talented developers who can offer quality.

If you want to hire freelancer developers then you must hire them through reputable platforms. The other option is you can also hire through someone known to you.


If you are running an organization and dream to offer a quality end product then you must hire and extend dedicated development team. No doubt sometimes freelancers are a good option if it is about affordable pricing. But when it is about dedication and long term planning then nothing can beat a dedicated developer team.

If your luck is good you can also get good freelancers who deliver their work on time with all dedication. Last but not least you must decide with 360-degree thinking.

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