Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Surrogate Mother

For any couple, the relationship gets to the next level when a little bundle of joy comes in their life. Having a baby is a pivotal decision and comes with significant life changes, but at the same time, it is a beautiful milestone in a relationship.

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Due to various medical reasons, a lot of couples don’t get the luxury to have a baby by the normal biological process. Lately, the world has seen a rise in infertility problems, and hence, the cases involving artificial reproductive techniques (ART) have increased.

But, even after various procedures, it is sometimes not possible for the couple to conceive a baby. If the issue is related to the female’s reproductive system, surrogacy is the perfect solution.

Surrogacy has its legal complications, and apart from that, it is a mammoth task to find a suitable surrogate for yourself. You can find yourself an ideal surrogate at any surrogacy center in Delhi.

Here’s an article about the critical aspects of finalizing a surrogate:

Know the type of surrogacy

There are two types of surrogacy:

  • Traditional Surrogacy

In this type, the surrogate female is artificially inseminated with the father’s sperm. In this case, the surrogate is the genetical mother of the baby.

  • Gestational Surrogacy

Here, the surrogate mother’s uterus is implanted with s developing embryo, formed after the fertilization of the ova and sperm of both the prospective parents. The surrogate is not related to the baby genetically.

Make sure your surrogate has been through a psychological screening

To avoid any consequent chaos, doctors have started conducting psychological screenings which determine if the surrogate is mentally prepared for the emotionally taxing task.

Mind the legalities

Surrogacy is still a massive deal in our country. The challenge standing in your way, when considering surrogacy, is not just about the social orthodox. Legalities are also a significant concern. So, make sure that you hire an excellent advocate for assistance through the process. You wouldn’t want to get caught up in localities in the blissful pre-parenthood time.

Make sure that your surrogate is healthy

This is a pivotal aspect. Since the entire basis of the procedure is to ensure a healthy baby, you have to put diligent efforts in ensuring that the surrogate is healthy. Don’t compromise here. Double-check if you feel like. Nothing is as important as this point. Since the surrogate mother cost in India can be quite high, so you need to consider every aspect of your decision carefully.

Experience matters

Although you would have made sure about the health and psychology of the surrogate, it is better if your surrogate has had any experience with the procedure before. That way, she’ll be mentally ready to hand over the baby and you’ll also get to know if she’s sound health or not.

Not younger than 21 years of age

Below 21 years of age, a female body is not ready for conception. You must make sure that your surrogate is above 21 years of age to ensure proper procedures from the nearest surrogacy center.

These were some of the aspects about zeroing down on a surrogate which must be kept in mind. It is pivotal to ensure a successful procedure and a healthy baby. Remember, surrogacy is an expensive process, so you need to consider the surrogate mother cost in India also.

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