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HolistaPet is definitely not the only CBD brand in the market. It, however, is one you can never go wrong with. It is manufactured in Commerce, California. HolistaPet is a firm that has a reputation for producing various CBD products that can be trusted to meet the needs of pets so long issues like cancer, allergies, anxiety, and chronic pain are involved. According to IsitVivid.com, CBD products should be safe for pets. At the moment, three CBD products are being manufactured by HolistaPet. These products are treats, capsules, and oils.

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Just like a lot of the other firms that are into the production of CBD products, HolistaPet has its mission. Its mission is basically to make it less stressful for people that own pets to get prescription drugs that are natural and safe when they need to help pets manage any form of discomfort.

HolistaPet is not a brand that came out of the blues with solutions to the challenges pet owners face. It is a brand that has been able to come up with remedies to raising pets after carrying out intense research for over a decade. Due to the level of research that is put into the production of all their products, everything HolistaPet makes is made through the use of full-spectrum CBD which is gotten from industrial hemp. Cbdclinicals has detailed information on how it is beneficial for pets, especially cats.

Why you should Take Advantage of HolistaPet Products

When you make use of HolistaPet products based on these reviews, you are not limited to just one type of product. You can choose between treats, capsules, and oils. Furthermore, when you choose capsules and oils, you are not limited to just one concentration. The various concentrations you can choose from are 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg.

Although you have the freedom to choose the concentration you want to, the exact concentration you select should be dependent on the size of your pet. If your pet is small, you can make use of a 150mg oil. Also, if you have not tried this product before, it is best to select the 150mg oil.

HolistaPet is popular for having three forms of treatment. In addition to having capsules and oils, HolistaPet also has great treats. If you are looking to get a HolistaPet treat for your dog, you can always make a choice out of three alternatives. These alternatives are;

Heart and Immune Care:

This is a treat for dogs that have challenges with their immune system and cardiovascular system. So, if your dog has cardiovascular problems, you might want to try this treat out. It is a combination of blueberries, flaxseed, and CBD.

Joint and Mobility Care:

Joint and mobility care treats are usually not needed by people with young pets. They were designed for aging pets that are beginning to have issues with mobility. If your dog is beginning to suffer from dysplasia or arthritis, this is one treat you should take advantage of.

Every joint and mobility care treat produced by HolistaPet is a blend of Boswellia, CBD plus, and turmeric root.

Stress and Anxiety Relief:

This treat is a blend of L-Theanine, chamomile, and full-spectrum CBD. It is a treat for fog struggling with anxiety and phobias. So, if you notice your dog struggles with any form of anxiety, you should take advantage of this treat. In addition to being very effective, this treat comes in various flavors. You can decide to select the peanut butter flavor or the green apple flavor.

HolistaPet Makes Cat Treats

HolistaPet might be famous for making dog treats. However, beyond making dog treats, it also makes treats for cats. Every treat made by HolistaPet for cats is rich in 2mg of CBD and has a salmon flavor that cats will definitely love.

HolistaPet Products are User-Friendly

There is a common source of worry among people that make use of CBD. This source of worry is what the right dose of supplements they can give their pets is. While this might be considered a source of worry for lots of pet owners, if you make use of HolistaPet products, you will not need to worry so much about the right dose as these products are very easy to use.

When buying HolistaPet oils, you have the alternative of buying oils in concentrations of 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg.

If you want an oil that is not so concentrated, you can buy the 150mg. However, if you want a stronger concentration, the 300mg or 600mg concentration will be ideal. 

Always note that the 300mg and 600mg oils have the same concentration. The only difference is the 300mg oils come in a smaller container.

Furthermore, when taking HolistaPet capsules, you have access to the same concentration as HolistaPet oils. You can always select between capsules with 150mg, 300mg, or 600mg.

That’s not all. When buying a HolistaPet dog treat, you will be buying a treat that contains 5mg of CBD and 2mg of XBD when buying HolistaPet cat treat.

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