Shocking homophobic abuse – man wanted by London Police

London Police said that it wants to speak with a man in connection with the homophobic abuse. The police say that the incident is shocking.

Shocking homophobic abuse

Homophobic Incident

The incident occurred when a young couple aged twenty six and twenty eight years was walking in Charing Cross. They were apparently holding hands and going towards Villiers Street. This was when the homophobic incidents occurred.

A man approached the oblivious couple and proceeded to call out hurl homophobic insults at them. The couple continued to walk towards the Jubilee Bridge in the southern part of London.

Video of homophobic abuse

A video footage of the homophobic abuse was made by one of the victims of the insults through his cell phone.

A spokesperson for London Police stated that the incident was shocking. It had left the victims of the homophobic abuse extremely distressed. Such type of abuse is not very common on the streets of London.

Metropolitan Police Appeal

The metropolitan police have launched an appeal in conjunction with releasing the video of the occurrence. T

his is the same video which was recorded by one of the targets of the slur.The incident had taken place on august 13 just a little before 2 in the morning.

Description of the perpetrator

The UK police has also made known the description of the perpetrator. He was a man of slim build. His age must be around 30 years – early 30s to be precise.

He was clad in a dark top, dark jumper with jeans and trainers. There was nothing very noticeable in the appearance of the person.

Shocked and worried

The couple who had to go through this unpleasant incident was shocked and worried. Emma Rogers, the police constable from Westminster CID stated once again that the episode was intolerable.

The metropolitan police have also urged anyone who was in the area and may have witnessed the entire episode. The police have requested such a person to come forward and contact them.

However, the police have provided numbers on which anyone with information regarding this incident could contact anonymously.

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